I am an idiot to have hoped for a safer tomorrow…

I have given up. I do not have any hope  to see a safer world around. Not even a sliver of hope left now for the humankind. I am an idiot to have believed that the promises made to respect and be more sensitive towards women and children were genuine. They were all false promises, we didnt mean a thing we promised.

I feel duped by those petitions I signed to bring about more stringent law and order, to bring about fairer and faster justice. I realize now that those petitions were nothing but an eyewash. Our governing authorities never had any intention to acknowledge our petitions or pleas in the first place, much less read them!

I feel guilty when I watch my 6 year old excitedly run around with her friends, roam around the locality with her trust in people, in the world around her intact..I feel guilty because that is when I realize there is a 5 year old girl, some miles away, battling for her life with her trust in the whole mankind completely shaken and battered. And right then I feel blessed to have my child cocooned well in my care right beside me, away from such brutal surrounding. Gosh, what a terrible feeling, so mixed with blessing and guilt!

We are living in a sick, pathetic world that is beyond repair. Where are we headed? Arent we abusing our own conscience by resorting to such uncouth, immoral methods. I say ‘we’ because the man who tortured the little girl, has the same standing in my eyes as the man-in-uniform who offered to bribe the girl’s father to hush up case, as the man who slapped one of the protesters. And they all live in the same society, as one amongst us.

And we…we remain where we are, mum as spectators letting those savages breed in our community, letting them invade our girls, our children. So we arent any different, are we? We are just as devoid of our conscience as those barbarians.

Frankly I have stopped watching news for any update on the little girl. I hope and pray she recovers soon- her body, mind and soul. And she never ever has to go through what she has again. Hope no girl does.

However I would really really want the media and the ‘leaders running our country’ to shift the focus on the abuser(s) and give us a close up shot of the person(s). I want to see all those perpetrator’s faces on the screen and feel the rage boil inside me even stronger.

I dont know if the law permits to show the criminal’s face out in the open for everyone to see. Frankly I dont care if it permits or not. What I do care about is the look of fear of punishment- death or castration- on his face. That is the look I care to see.

Is it possible for the media or the authorities to pull that cover off his face and show him to us?

I didnt think so..

I have never felt so dejected..

21 thoughts on “I am an idiot to have hoped for a safer tomorrow…

  1. I’ve been spending this past week arguing with several women who’ve been asking me if Indian men staring at girls indecently causes any form of psychological issues for the girl, their argument being, it doesn’t scar girls. I feel like the whole point of the discussion has been lost in that question they’re asking me. I agree with you on hope and feeling so helpless with the lack of it. I’m not sure where we go from here. Our men are morons. Some of our women have been so brainwashed and conditioned by patriarchy that they choose to hide, cover or question the validity of what they consider as mild forms of teasing. I don’t know where to go from here either. I feel what you feel. And I’ve turned off the TV as well.


    1. Absolutely right. The very fact that ogling, teasing, is many a time mis-interepreted as a sign of flattery and manhood by both men and women alike shows how deeply brainwashed we are by patriarchy. We consider such forms of abuse too normal and insignificant to club it as an abuse.


  2. This is beyond tolerable limits !! Shame on the govt., Shame on the media that dances to incompetent leaders tunes and shame on so called ‘celebrities’ who shed clothes at the drop of a wad of notes and call it ‘freedom of expression’. It is a pathetic state leader who doesn’t take responsibility for / of even a single plaguing issue and cracks down on it – be it corruption, women’s rights or terrorism.


  3. RD has become so paranoid after this you wont believe…now even leaving R in the daycare seems to be a scary thought 😦 I really dont know what the world is coming to..are get getting pathetic…and yes, I have lost ALL HOPE 😦


    1. Hugs TGND! Dont be scared to bring a child into this world, I know it is scary, but as long as you are around to protect and teach your child to defend her/himself I am sure they will be fine 🙂


  4. I keep telling this to hubby from time to time. About how I am terrified to have a daughter. And how I will pack my bags and look for opportunities elsewhere rather than stay in this country, once I od have a girl child.


  5. I too feel just so fed up!!! I thought the Nirbhaya case had finally penetrated through our collective conscience, so that we could finally count on action being taken!! Just so fed up.


  6. Today, what is happening is revolting where toddlers are not even spared. The govt shows its incapacity in implementing proper legislations to protect women. Still, I have reblogged something on a woman account of how she was raped and today she is an eminent book author.
    Check it out on http://www.vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com


  7. I hope the girl grows up and lives a good life.
    The fact that there are so many similar cases out there kills me. I feel like killing a few of those animals.


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