The answer to guess-what..

is indeed lift. And all of you got it right! It was obviously a no-brainer for you, wasnt it? *Clap Clap Clap*

Yes it is a lift in Germany, as rightly pointed out by Scribblehappy :).

What I found fascinating though and a bit scary about this elevator was that it was an open one! Yep, no door, no cover! You just walk in and walk out as the lift pulls up to the floor of your choice. Gosh what if you trip while the lift hasnt fully pulled up! Brrr, scary! It can be so risky an option for kids!

And yes the lift allows a maximum of only 2 people to travel at a time. Guessed spot on, Rekha! 🙂 But Saksh, since R chanced upon this lift in one of the ministry-buildings in Germany I am not sure how encouraging and ambitious your wish to see love-birds canoodling in it would be considered, that too out in the open! 😆 😆