Day5: Paper

Seven in the morning and I have shared my morning ritual, my morning tea, and my morning paper by now.

Phew never have I waited for the paper-guy to deliver the newspaper with such bated breath as today! All for blogging. All for May photo challenge πŸ˜€


With this I cover all the days that I missed in the game. Yoohoo!

Now I have the whole day to break something or someone to stay true to today’s theme! πŸ‘Ώ

Part of May photo a day challenge


18 thoughts on “Day5: Paper

  1. I really salute you for having so much patience…doing a picture a day *shudders – my worst nightmare come true*

    :):) I loved all your pictures till now πŸ™‚


    1. arey you are the only person I know who could really get to click photos of any given theme; considering the amount of people and things you come across every single day. Your observations are awesome my dear R ki pagal amma :mrgreen:


      1. Oye! R ki pagal amma!! 😯 The last I checked I was his khadoos-beewi!

        Saksh you need some good sleep darling! Hand the twins over to me and go take a nap! πŸ˜€


  2. Lol! I know! I’m walking around looking for things to capture that Poohi knows the themes as well as I do:) And she seems more concerned than me about my challenge than I am:)


  3. Blogging does this to us! Have been harassing hubby for ideas… he patiently gives me one or two… but only after rolling his eyes… He thinks I have gone crazier πŸ˜€


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