Day6: Broken

Now on a normal day I would have been really upset at seeing a broken pencil box and sprinted to Namnam to give a good grown up talk on the need to become more responsible and take better care of her belongings and such..

But not today! No no no! For today we have a more responsible task of taking up the May Photo prompt to handle you see πŸ˜€

So out came a ‘YAYYY!’ and my phone camera to shoot as I spotted this box with its flap broken, lying in Namnam’s shelf.


Part of May photo a day challenge


10 thoughts on “Day6: Broken

    1. I am surprised myself, SH! I am hoping I am able to keep up this speed, it’s quite fun you know, although it means that I am to keep my eyes and phone always open wide! πŸ˜€


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