Day9: A Snack

I present two in fact…
One home-made and the other shop-bought 🙂

The home made snack has been a favorite since childhood. And luckily Namnam and R love it too, so its a regular in my household. Now with my father-in-law over, its going to be even more so because he loves it too :).

It’s Ada-dosa made out of grinding three types of dal(lentils)- toor, chana and moong (half a bowl of each)- rice(1 bowl), onion( 1 big), whole red chillies( about 3-4, you can add a tea spoon of chilli powder if you prefer it redder), ginger( one small piece), garlic(1-2 cloves), fennel seeds(1 tea spoon) and curry leaves( 2-3 sprigs).

It’s one of the easiest to make with no fermenting required. All I did was soak the dals and rice last night and then grind them with other ingredients today morning and make the dosas right away! We had it with home-made chutney powder prepared by my aunt-in-law and sent all the way from Bangalore! The yummiest ever chutney powder or podi as it is more popularly known amongst south indians!

Smitha, open invitation! Come over to taste some. I know you love adas! 🙂

The second snack is a box of cheese balls which I picked up this morning on my way back from Namnam’s school. These, again have been a much relished snack here so I thought of giving my father-in-law a taste of these. These are had with honey or maple syrup.

My father-in-law plans to have more of these with his evening tea! 🙂


So what are you snacking on today?

Part of May photo a day challenge