Day19: My favourite view..

Has to be anything and everything that feels and smells of greenery.
Greenery makes me feel alive, refreshed and positive. So wherever I am, all my eyes seek out for are sights of lush green views.

It’s my all time favourite yearning as well especially now since I don’t get to enjoy it to the fullest in the simmering heat here.

So here’s a picture, viewing which can give some respite to my yearning eyes and also work well for today’s topic πŸ™‚

This was clicked last year on our way to Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. This country had me completely taken in by its rich and abundant greenery all around!


Part of May photo a day challenge


16 thoughts on “Day19: My favourite view..

  1. Aaaah lovely pic…reminds me of my Kodai and Ooty trips. U r soo right abt greenery and I’ll add flowers to the my list…flowers, any kind make me so happy. No the bouquet kinds the ones in their natural habitat or even in pots πŸ™‚


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