Day21: I care about this…

Her, rather..


No, she is not our new pet. She is a stray who has been around our compound and more particularly in and around my house for a while. Now there are many stray cats in our compound and lot many more households that look after these cats by tending to them, feeding them as and when they can but this little kitten found her way to our house one fine day in late December and has taken well to our care ever since.

I am not much of an animal-lover. No I am not against animals, but I do not particularly feel drawn towards them either. I even keep Bronco, my parents’ pet at a distance whenever I am visiting them. So quite naturally I was a little skeptical about letting the kitten get close to us.

But thanks to Namnam and R who are far more compassionate than me, she was given a space in a little room attached to our backyard. Also, it was not safe to let her go astray, thereby increasing her chance of getting attacked by bigger and stronger cats out in the open. So we decided to tend to her till she was big enough to fend for herself.

Since it was an extremely cold time of the year, R made her space warm by placing a thick cloth on the floor so she could be well protected from the cold at night. Namnam took to her instantly and began to look forward to watching her run around and play. And soon, even I began to enjoy having her around, pat her, stroke her soft furry skin and play with her. Why, even my domestic-help got very attached to her, ensured to feed her, give her water, and even gave a name, Shindhu. Namnam prefers to call her Kitty though 😀

One day R got her a ball to play around with and in no time she was found keen to dribble with it :). When Namnam and I were in India for my brother’s wedding, he kept the kitten engaged with this ball. Let me share a video which he took around then..

For the first two-three months we regularly fed her cat food. Then, R felt that it was time for us to let her venture out on her own because, whatever said and done she was a stray cat and she had to learn the skill to survive herself. And she was slowly weaned from our protected walls to the open. I did feel a little sad to let her go, but at the same time consoled myself that she would be around and could come whenever she needed us.

4 months old, she is very independent now, mingled well with other cats and households. Yet she makes it a point to come running to us, as soon as one of us opens the door and just lies on our feet rolling over as a sign to stroke her tummy! She has made our backyard our constant hang-out and these days, especially cocoons herself in our garden in the bushes to escape the heat.

Heres a not so clear shot that I took last night of her having milk..


So, if you’re to ask what I care about, I’d say, at the moment she is someone I truly care about 🙂

Part of May photo a day challenge