Day26: Fav thing to do on Sunday

Sunday, in my part of the world, is the first day of the week when we get back to the grind after a good laid back weekend. And the favorite thing that I like to do after sending off Namnam to school and R to work is plonk myself in front of my computer and indulge in some net surfing.


I had many things in mind to type on this prompt. And on a normal day I would have gladly sat and typed to my heart’s content, but unfortunately there’s this wretched fever that I seem to have caught since Friday, which is not letting me gather enough energy to sit for long. So maybe I will leave it for another day. For now let me go and lie down for sometime and rest up.

So till tomorrow, it’s bye from me..

Part of May photo a day challenge


14 thoughts on “Day26: Fav thing to do on Sunday

  1. Thank you all everyone! Am still a bit drained by all the anti bio that I have been having, hence low on energy. Shall resume reading and blogging more actively as soon as I am up and about..

    Bye till then πŸ™‚


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