Day28: What you’re doing now

Its 9.55 in the morning here and it’s that time of the day when I give undivided attention to my laptop for the next one hour or so before getting on with the rest of the day’s chores..


You may have noticed, one sure-fire chore is glaring right back at me though from behind my comp- that pile of clothes crying out to get folded 😑

Part of May photo a day challenge


20 thoughts on “Day28: What you’re doing now

    1. Oh Meena you read my mind! This has been my wish forever- the wish to have an auto-fold feature in a washing machine or somewhere! I so so dislike folding clothes! πŸ˜€


  1. I hate any chores. I’ve got lots of marking to do and I’m avoiding that too… I blog using my phone so it’s even more distracting than a computer. I’ve given myself another hour and then I’m going to make myself get on with it.

    Have a good day!


    1. You’re right phones can be even more distracting than computers and yet we stay grafted onto them as though our lives depended on them! πŸ™‚


  2. What I do is use two different laundry bags.. One for clothes to be washed.. and the other for washeed clothes.. I hate folding them, so they lie in the basket till they get ironed..


  3. Nice discussion is going on here! Do you know how much we pay for ironing a shirt? Rs.7. For a blouse, Rs. 5! Saree Rs.20 for ordinary saree, for cotton, it is Rs.30! I used to iron clothes until the children finished their education…now I feel bored!


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