HELP: Google Reader shutting down, can someone suggest an alternative?


I have noticed that every time I log in to my reader, the alert about Google Reader discontinuing its services from July pops up on my screen!

I remember a few of my blogger friends breaking the news about this a couple of months back, but I didnt pay much heed to the warnings because my google reader was anyway lying dormant for months and I was going through a major lull in blogging. So I had no inclination to open my reader and check. Also I vaguely remember an article doing rounds about the news merely being a gimmick initiated by google to fool its readers on April Fool’s Day! Correct me if I am wrong, people.

Anyway, post the May photo challenge l revived my blog-hopping( quite vigorously at that :D) which made me log in to the Reader only to be greeted by this not so welcoming message every other day.

Hence seeking your inputs.

Now I have already added all the WordPress blogs that I follow, to my WP reader. What I am clueless about is the Blogspot blogs that I have listed there.

Where do I shift them?

What reader do you all use?

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated 🙂


24 thoughts on “HELP: Google Reader shutting down, can someone suggest an alternative?

  1. yep… i am in crisis too…
    i lou google reader —
    i tried feedly — but i cldnt even fogure out how to login.

    v. sad.
    but there’s nothing that has a dummies edition — suitable for ppl like moi …


      1. That’s what I am using, but it is not as organised a Google Reader, or I haven’t figured out how to do that. I miss the list of blogs I followed on my blogger blog. Wish there was another easier way to organise and read blog 😦


        1. I have not been able to sync the blogspot blogs to my WP reader, IHM. I did try adding the blogs but they didnt get updated. I’ve started using Bloglovin’ recently and I quite like it. The look and feel is a lot similar to Google Reader 🙂


  2. Newsblur – has an interface similar to Google reader but limited to only 64 blogs

    theoldreader – will import everything from google reader and has similar working way

    wordpress reader – will import your wp blogs that you follows plus you can can add rss feeds from blogger


  3. I’ve started using Feedly, Deeps, but I don’t like it too much:( Lets see if I have the time to experiment or not before Google reader goes. I have a bloglovin account, but have to figure out how to migrate all Tue blog feeds there.


    1. It is very simple to migrate to Bloglovin’ Smitha! It will ask for a prompt and within seconds everything is transferred. Also it has a nice interface too. The best is that when I click on a blog post (say yours), it opens in a new window and on top of that there is this bloglovin’ tool bar which has a button for Newer, Older, Oldest Posts… so you can just click on that and in the same window the next post (of the new blogger, say Deeps (in order of update) will appear. I mean, you dont have to open multiple windows for multiple blogs!
      I was on Feedly too but never liked it. I am loving Bloglovin’ Now! 🙂


      1. 😆 IHM, I hope you are not asking that in a serious tone? err…I was pulling Deeps lazy legs. Btw on my Mac there is an option where I can add blogs to something called a reading list which shows as a side bar on my window. Well that helps to keep the URL of my fave blogs organized and at handy but won’t show up every singe time a blogger updates with a new post 😦


  4. Errr… I seem to be the only person here who does not use any reader! I have saved the URLs of all the blogs I read regularly, and prefer checking them now and then for updates. Quite the old-school girl, am I?


  5. I’m using the WP Reader now Deeps! Still getting used to it though.
    I will miss Google Reader…
    thinking about Feedly as well…


  6. Thank you so much everyone for your valuable inputs. Being a weekend here, I havent been online much to check the various options. However, I have opened a new account in Bloglovin and have managed to import my feeds from Google for the time being. I really like the look and feel of the page. Need to explore a bit more to fully know its features well 🙂

    Thank you once again 🙂


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