Why I write..

Well, for one I love the way it makes me feel every time I jot my thoughts down.

Image courtesy http://writetribe.com/why-i-write/
Image courtesy http://writetribe.com/why-i-write/

It makes me feel immensely liberated when my thoughts find an outlet through my writing. I feel words that flow through my hand do far more justice to my emotions, to my sentiments than the words that get uttered through my mouth!

I have been an introvert all my life. So I am not very comfortable getting into fierce discussions in a group or with anyone. I am one of those who rather prefer being the listener. I do have my own opinions which I voice when I feel I need to, but largely I avoid confrontations and stay in this side of the fence as an observer. So there are times when I feel I should/could have voiced my thoughts a bit more vociferously, which is when I turn to writing. And I pour my heart out then. The words that I long to say out loud but fail to, find their way through this page of mine in a way that makes me want to write and more.

Not only bigger discussions, sometimes I also take note of the smaller conversations, the littlest of moments that I experience or indulge in. And I love the sense of gratification I get as I pen my feelings down.

I feel empowered when I get to touch upon issues that I feel strongly about. I have been able to talk about issues like gender bias, education, parental predicaments, prejudices over menstruation by way of writing. Even those catchwords that I scribble in my diary or the notepad of my phone, that crop up while a post takes form in my mind, give me a strange kick of satisfaction.

Which brings me to the next reason why I write. Interaction. I love the fact that writing or blogging allows me to interact with those who come and read what I write and share their thoughts. They help me to see my viewpoints from their perspective and widen my horizon.

I realize that this very aspect of writing and interacting has made me far more assertive and participating in real life interactions as well.

Even now as I type these words I am humming a song, sporting a smile, indulging in some playful banters with R because I am feeling wonderful at having been able to set my thoughts into words.. so what if they are gibberish!

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PS: Image courtesy http://writetribe.com/why-i-write/


44 thoughts on “Why I write..

  1. Oh I am an introvert as well. As a child I was painfully shy. I preferred burying my nose in a book to talking to people. πŸ™‚

    Lovely post, see you made me think. Its not gibberish.


  2. I am an introvert too! I can’t talk coherenly while in groups. I think something and utter something else without using proper words. Writing is better. Here too, sometime I get carried away and write more elaborately instead of sticking to the point. You have pointed out so nicely, crisply what you feel. I can never do that. This is the reason my posts are always long.

    I always love reading your posts, Deeps!


    1. Oh I do that too, Sandhya! Sometimes my thoughts get overridden by the words I write! πŸ™‚

      But in your case I love and throroughly enjoy the long detailed posts you write, they are always so informative and enlightening πŸ™‚


    1. Could be, Shilpa! Introverts have loads of thoughts running through their mind, they too get affected by various things which need venting. So when they do not feel particularly comfortable voicing them out aloud, some of them resort to writing them down or blogging, like I do πŸ™‚


  3. I think you summed it up well in your very first line – ” I love the way it makes me feel every time I jot my thoughts down”
    Dropping by from “Why I write”


  4. Nahh they are not gibberish woman they are wonderfully enlightening. I imagine you sporting a smile throughout though, because that’s how writing is and does things to people in process πŸ™‚



  5. You have a gift, you make an emotional connect with your writing. So don’t run yourself down. And yes writing does make us assertive and more in tune with our emotions and our opinions.


  6. I can relate a lot to what you have written – I am an introvert too and I feel that I express myself better when I write. Writing is a release for me more than the spoken word will ever be !


  7. hmm πŸ™‚ Yea love the connection u feel when u write a blog.. i come to read here cos of the way it makes my thoughts churn πŸ™‚
    writing is awesome. it is coherence to a lot of intangible thoughts. it is not like the spoken word which is an arrow that cant be withdrawn. writing is so much a better means of communication πŸ™‚
    ‘writing’ all this i feel, there would be a lot of peace in this world if people wrote to each other πŸ˜‰


  8. Really liked this post and this is coming from another introvert. I don’t come across as one, do I?
    And what gibberish are you talking about?


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