The answer..

is Rs 1000.

Congratulations Scribblehappy, DI and Jayadev for getting it right! *Clap clap* πŸ™‚

A big thanks to all those who attempted to answer my brain-teasing question here. You all have been a sport!

Now the explanation for the answer :

The 2nd shopkeeper gave Rs. 1000 to the 1st shopkeeper and took it back since he was given a fake note. So that transaction is null and void.

The 1st shopkeeper ended up giving goods worth Rs. 800 to the lady and also gave Rs. 200 as change.

So the loss incurred would be Rs 1000.

Ok, now your turn to ask a riddle.. πŸ˜€


9 thoughts on “The answer..

  1. I got a question. Since it was a fake note in exchange of which the shopkeeper 1 had to give #2 1000 bucks so it should be counted as his loss na?
    I calculated the loss as 1000 (due to fake note) + 200 + 800 = 2000


    1. ME, shopkeeper 1 gave the fake note to shopkeeper 2 and took 1000 bucks as change. And later shopkeeper 2 gave back the fake note to shopkeeper 1 and took back his change. No loss to anyone there. The equation is null and void.


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