Lessons from a Grandmother…

always stay in your  mind.

And when those lessons are in history being imparted by a teacher, who has breathed-lived-walked-eaten-drunk History all her life, to her granddaughter, it becomes all the more a moment worth the while 🙂

Amma's happiness knew no bounds when she found a keen and patient ear in Namnam to pass on her knowledge and wisdom..
Amma’s happiness knew no bounds when she found a keen and patient ear in Namnam to pass on her knowledge and wisdom..

Although am on vacation still, couldn’t help sharing this as a keepsake.

Moments like this are what memories made of, aren’t they?**


**RM’s post inspired me to say this :D. Yeah,yeah, go ahead..call me the Anu Malik of blogging!

35 thoughts on “Lessons from a Grandmother…

  1. That is so sweet,Deeps! Nothing, absolutely nothing can beat lessons from a grandparent! And aunty must have been so delighted to have Namnam so interested in History!


    1. Oh she was super thrilled, Smits! Especially since Namnam showed such keen interest in the subject :). Amma has now gone ahead and bought her two books on World History and Indian History! So now you can imagine 😀


      1. What super fun! If she likes history,she might enjoy Horrible Histories, but just try from a library first. Because some children are put off by it. Kunju loves it. She has a few titles and has been pestering me to buy the whole series


        1. Library is what I absolutely miss having around me Smits :(. Any idea if I can download it on Kindle? She seems to have taken to e-reading well, unlike me 🙂


  2. History to me was never a subject of interest till class IX, when I had teacher as my class teacher and my history and geography teacher. She made it all so easy, just like story-telling, unlike others who just made us scribble piles and piles of notes, making it all just awfully boring and senseless. As I always tell teacher, her words and her expressions during the lectures are still so fresh in my mind. Namnam is surely lucky to have her first lessons in history from her grandmother, who is my favorite teacher too. Lots of Love to the cutie pie and hugs to Teacher Amma. 🙂


  3. Such a beautiful bond Deeps…my kids miss there granny…Did you notice they will understand better when something is explained to them by granny…my kids do it….


  4. Deeps, I totally agree with Rekha here. My teacher is the only teacher who has made a subject like history so interesting , the most awaited period in my life in my entire school days was history (no wonder I becam an arts student), why history?? I used to enjoy her Geography classes to the hilt. I never felt I was in a class room with her, it was always as if I was a part of the story / history she was narrating. Lots of love to my most most beloved teacher ever and Nammu baby is one lucky girl to be taking the lessons from her at such a tender age, I bet she would love history all her life, it is so evident from her facial expression. Hugs to both of them….
    take care


  5. Oh my. This is one priceless moment to hold, and knowing that she’ll keep looking at this way down a few years hence, and remember the magic, makes it all the more special 🙂 God Bless! And *touchwood*!


  6. The picture itself is so candid and wonderful. The words around can only inform us of the event but the moment captured tells us the depth of it all 🙂



  7. Lovely picture, Deeps…..wish I had a teacher who explained history so interestingly. Even now when my kids find it difficult to learn a looong answer fr their sst notebook I kind of enact it out with pictures and actions & they learnt in like 5 mins…oh the satisfaction is like priceless:-)).


      1. Hey Nance! I’m right here, re! Going through yet another writer’s block, my thoughts are like frozen :/ I absolutely dislike this phase! Trying to crawl back slowly. How have you been?


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