When Virtual merged with Real :)

I have been sitting on this post for the last 3 weeks- since 12 september @ 9.18am to be precise as per the Revisions tab on my dashboard, which also tells me that I have made 25+ revisions already by now. But no matter how much I try to restrict it, the post keeps getting longer and longer and longer. Add to that, the terrible writer’s block which has been sucking me in, making me struggle to write. Β At one point, I almost abandoned it. But I couldn’t. I didn’t have the heart to do it. You know how it is. When you invest a certain amount of your time and mind on something, after a point, no matter how bored you are, how so ever much you feel that it’s not getting you anywhere, you still cling on to it hoping you would find your way. You feel a sense of binding towards it. And you don’t want to give it away until you have brought it to its successful completion. That’s the way I am feeling with all these words I have typed in here. I dont know where they are leading me, but I am still tapping and typing without giving up, hoping I will find some kind of amalgamation to my thoughts and find an end to my post.

And thanks to Indiblogeshwaris’ friendship prompt of this week, the post gets an added push of revival! πŸ™‚

So here I am, still on it. Trust me, I am a wee bit short of fainting as I notice the number of words I have typed in so far- 3000! 😯 😯 And I’m still tapping…

I seem to be taking Mark Twain pretty seriously-

I didn’t have the time to write a short letter, I wrote a long one instead.


Anyway, to make myself and those of you who are still around reading me, breathe a li’l easy, I have split the post into two. And here goes the first half..

When I started blogging, wrote my first post…or subsequent few even, friendship was the last thing on my mind. Because till then, I always thought that to be someone’s friend I had to know the person for ‘real’, see the person for ‘real’, talk to the person in ‘real’.

To be honest, I had never used the term virtual in my conversations, for I didn’t know what it meant….until I started blogging. ‘Cos it was after venturing into blogging that I understood the term in its truest sense.

Now, this blog was mainly created as a vent-turf. And till date that is what I use it for. Also.

For, today, after 5 years of venting , my blog is grown beyond that. It has become an extension of me, where I get to not just vent my frustrations, but also share my happiness, my anxieties, my achievements- parental or otherwise, where I get to journal my daughter’s growing up, where I get to capture the precious moments I spend with my family through the pictures I click or merely by way of jotting down in words. So as it turns out, my virtual is as real as I can possible make it through this wonderful medium of blogging.

So coming back to what I started off writing (yep, I got deviated a bit and I read that from your confused-faces! ) friendship was not what I had expected to come out of blogging. But believe me, it is surely one of the most beautiful gains I have had from it. I could never imagine that by the mere way of what we write could connect us to people in a way that a wonderful bond of friendship could be formed that I would cherish forever.

In the five years, I have made some wonderful friends through this space. Friends whom I have been able to relate with, have felt a connect with through the way they write. Friends who have shared similar views as me on issues I have felt strongly about. Friends who have made me laugh, pulled my legs, made fun of me. Friends who have inspired me with their clarity of thoughts, their large heartedness, their selfless deeds. Friends I have looked upto for their sheer power of writing, their powerful and liberating thoughts. Friends who have always encouraged me with their reassuring words whenever I have expressed my fears and lows through my posts. Friend with whom I have been able to talk absolute nonsense, yet get an acknowledgement, as little as a *nod* or a ‘smiley’ no matter how idiotic I may have sounded! Friends with whom I have differed in opinions and have had fierce discussions with, yet who never judged me. Friends, who have taught me not to be judgemental either.

Now, some of them aren’t around writing as much as before. And some..well, some are so far away from blogging now, that I doubt if they even remember they used to have beautiful blogs once, which so many of us looked forward to reading- yes Sols & Saksh, that one’s aimed at you two! πŸ˜₯ :cry:. Oh how I miss reading them all! But what does make me immensely glad, though, is that most of these friends I made, have stayed in touch even outside of blogging which makes the friendship even more special and just as real.

What I find amazing is how close and attached I feel to so many of these bloggers even without actually having spoken to them. And even more amazing is that when we do get around to talking and eventually meeting, there’s never a feeling of awkwardness or inhibition. Thats the magic of friendship, isnt it?

A few days back, while chatting with a group of friends on What’s App, we got around to asking each other the number of bloggers we have met in person so far. Which reminded me that I was to post an account of a meet-up I had in July this year, with the sweet Gal Next Door. Right then I realized that, aside a fleeting mention of my meet-up with Smitha about three years back, I had never really blogged about the other bloggers I had met.

So today, let me do just that. Here are the 6 wonderful people I made friends with through the world of blogging and had the good fortune of meeting in person as well…

To be continued..


10 thoughts on “When Virtual merged with Real :)

  1. Ah fantastic! Agree with what you say about blogging and also that friends may stop blogging but the friendship continues. I have a few of those myself. Look forward to reading about the 6!


  2. Yes, friendships and connections of the minds are the two best things that have happened to me via blogs, too. It is amazing that way. I am so glad blogging happened to me.

    Lovely post. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the other part/s.


  3. Lovely post Deeps…….both of them. Enjoyed reading it. That quote of Mark Twain is so apt :-D. The blog world sure has added another dimension to our thoughts/actions/habits…in short our way of life. God Bless:-)).


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