Every once in a while…

I dream about you.

Sometimes in the day.

Sometimes night.

Sometimes with my eyes open.

You fill my heart with happiness.

I look out for you everywhere.

Where are you, oh dear!

You know how much you mean to me.

I don’t care what colour, shape you are.

I love you in any form!

There. I said it.

You’ve wanted me to say this,

Every once in a while.

And I promise I will.

Now come out you, tease!

‘Bar’ yourself!

Don’t worry, I won’t share you with anyone

Except of course Namnam.

Hey! I see a tiny flake of you

Far end in my fridge.

Be mine, eternally mine, oh delicious one!

Image courtesy Google Images
Image courtesy Google Images

😛 😛

***This post is in response to the Write Tribe prompt

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