All set to chant NaMo, am I?

Well, I am not a huge fan of NaMo, as some of you may know. Yet, I’m willing to give him and his party a chance for the simple reason that I believe that this country is in dire need of a change in the leadership.

The previous government  has had its run for 10 long years and made a complete sham of the trust that its people placed on them. Now its high time they handed over the reins to someone else. Moreover now the people have shown their distrust for Congress by not giving the party any chance to be voted back in power.

So then it is only natural that they place their trust on another party, which may not be essentially a better one, may I add, but which may just be as deserving to be given a chance. Hence BJP. Hence NaMo.

Now where Modi is concerned, I have my reservations. There are no two ways about it. The manner in which he disposes a radically religious ideology is not something that I am entirely comfortable with. Also going by the kind of controversial cases that have been hovering over his head, whether proven or not, one can only presume that he may not be the cleanest of the leaders that we have today. But then, none of our leaders are very clean or honest to begin with, are they?

Except of course Arvind Kejriwal and his party who seem to have their ideology and vision perfectly in place. But their impulsive and dramatic approach may have cost them the due credibility this time. Add to that the fact that they are still in the budding stage, inexperienced makes them an improbable option, not yet ready, in my eyes, to be at the helm.

Which brings us back to Modi.

Now I have been reading a lot of articles, engaging in a lot of discussions where there have been strong dissent over NaMo. And I completely understand the sentiments behind them. But we are at a stage where, be it Congress or BJP, we are none  the wiser. And, since Congress has already got its chance and crumpled it beyond repair, let us give BJP a chance too and gauge how well they make use of this opportunity.

To give credit where its due, Narendra Modi, in the last few months, with the kind of aggressive rallies he has done, with the kind of issues he has shown keen interest in addressing, has shown an impressive mettle and determination. At this point I can only hope that his radical and extreme ideologies will not come in the way of serving his people. For all said and done he cannot afford to take the expectations and faith that ride high on him for granted.

So let me rather keep my personal opinion of him aside and keep an open mind to come to terms with the larger picture of a clear mandate that the majority of the people of my country has given to him and his party. They have earned it.

10 thoughts on “All set to chant NaMo, am I?

  1. firstttttt 🙂

    same here deeps I am not a fan of his, especially after the riots in gujarat.. although he has made gujarat a lovely state.. but there are a lot of controversaries that he has been invloved with.. the riots then the farmers from kutch being asked to leave etc etc etc..

    but still now that his party has won , and he will be pm. and his party has won and done it alone.. its is such a big advantage to make things work as they are not dependant on any other .. or someone putting a spanner in the cycle.. so I hope and wish they do at least some of what they have promised .. if not all

    I only wish and hope that out of the 5 years they at least spend half of it .. or 3 years on the good of the nation .. we will go miles if that happens ..

    so all the best to him and his party


    1. Absolutely agree Bik! If the new government spend even half of their time in the welfare of the nation, I’m sure we’ll be a force to reckon with in no time!


  2. Yep, keeping fingers crossed. We are watchful when it comes to their ideology but it cannot be denied that with his vast administrative experience and focus on development, he seems to be the man of the moment. I am less cynical. I will give him an opportunity and judge him only on his performance.


    1. Same here Rachna. I’d rather wait and see too how they perform and then judge them. I don’t want my judgment to get mired by my personal opinion about one particular person. The party as a whole deserves a chance and they shall have it as has been decided by majority of the people. Now let’s hope for the best! 🙂


  3. Like

  4. Many people I know, including me and my son, wanted to hit NOTA but on second thought changed our mind. I was not fascinated by the way he was shouting in the rallies. Too many speeches and it was just one man show. How did he manage to do so many meetings? Desperate? But, we mellowed down after hearing his acceptance speech. If he means what he spoke, then there is a chance we might have a good PM. His and his men’s ‘hindutva’ should not interfere. I expected AAP to gain more seats and be a good opposition party. That was a disappointment!


  5. I’ve kept my fingers crossed and I have hope.. I hope the new govt will bring about the much needed economic growth and safety back in our streets.


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