So long, Qatar..

I’d be lying if I said that I never thought I’d say goodbye to you. Because, I understand that if you’re in the Gulf, you’re never really here to stay forever, right? From the day you leave your home country, you step out with the firm resolve to come back one day. And yet you learn to embrace each domain you set up with the same kind of vigour and excitement as you would your new home. And when it’s time to say goodbye, you wonder where did all the time go? So while I did know that I’d be saying goodbye, I never knew it would be so soon!

We have had the most memorable 6 years here! A roller coaster ride with its fair share of ups and downs but every bit cherishable that will always be etched in our mind.

You know how much I hated you when I set foot on your soil first. I didnt have very many friends. I was an emotional wreck after having plucked myself from the comfort zone of my previous base which was Muscat. But today where I stand, I know I have made the best of friends, the fondest of memories here for which I can never thank you enough.

It was here that I learned to be more accepting of whatever situations and circumstances that I was faced with. You gave me lot many moments to introspect as a resident, as a parent, as a fellow being. Oh and it was here that I got my license! It was here that I learned to drive sane despite the insane driving that you have been (not so) famous for! 😀

You will always be special because it was here that R & I created our most precious gift from God. Namnam. For her, you have been her home. After every vacation to her grandparents’ and cousins’ , no matter how happy and thrilling her moments were with them, the one line that she never missed saying as soon as she got back in here was,’ Ah! It’s good to be home!’ 🙂

She learned to sleep on her own here, you know! It was here that she ushered in a new chapter, her first foray into school life. It was here that she lost her first tooth too! You have given her so many wonderful moments to learn, to experience, to grasp and enjoy!

And now it’s time to move on..again.

I have no idea what’s in store for us in the next sphere that awaits us. I can only hope and pray that it as exciting, as memorable and as special for the three of us as it has been here.

We will miss you!


On another note, as part of a blogging feat followed by some ego-boost, let me note that Perceptions has been listed in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.


And also here’s a link to an interview that I gave to Indian Moms Connect more than an year back. Its a short interview, but my very first. Hence very special :). It was a tough year for me on a personal level because of which I was mainly off blogging. So I couldn’t journal this special occasion here on this platform then. But as they say it’s never too late 🙂


21 thoughts on “So long, Qatar..

  1. Wowow I know someone who is famous..

    So where next are yiu going then.. you know I know what you mean when you said that you left home and landed in middle east thinking you will go back.. as when I left uk it was for 5 years but then life has a way.. and now I am here for so many years and this has become home now..

    All the best where ever you go.. have a safe trip and hope you settle down in the new place asap. .

    Take care love and hugs to the little one..


  2. Sigh..what a lovely letter to write to the country you are leaving…you really learnt so much there eh?

    all the best on the move and go on and make the next one yours too


  3. Wow, I didn’t know you guys were moving! All the very best!

    So, where are you off to next, if you don’t mind my asking? Back to India or some place else?

    You really seem to have matured in the time you were at Qatar! 🙂

    Congratulations on the interview, and on being featured among the best blogs of India. 🙂 That’s great!


    1. Thank you, TGND 🙂

      Oh yes, life in Qatar has sure made me a lot wiser.

      We are going to be in the Middle East only, TG. With in between shuttle to India. Husband has a few options which he is still mulling over. Will confirm once he has taken a call 🙂


    1. Thank you Scribby! Will let you know as soon as we have taken a call on our next stop. R has a couple of options, so we are still deciding 🙂


  4. Hugs Deeps!! I’m sure your new city will help you make some more brilliant memories!! 🙂

    Doha was precious eh? And you are lucky! you get to take away so many wonderful memories!!

    Congratulations on making the List of top Indians Bloggers!! ooh! Congratulations on the interview as well!! 🙂


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