The grateful post

I have been observing a lot of my friends taking up this interesting tag on Facebook lately where they are listing down 3 things that they are grateful for.

I have not been tagged by anyone yet, and I am not regular on Facebook either. But I am quite tempted to take it up all the same. So here I am, listing down what I am thankful for, right here on my blog.

– I’m grateful for my daughter who has this knack of adapting to any change or situation with the wonderful ease that’s worth imbibing. As some of you know, we have recently moved countries. And it is not easy getting used to a new place, that you are learning to call home, as is the case with any shift. But Namnam teaches me and my husband with her resilience and her willingness to adjust to her new life with a smile on her face, that it’s not so difficult either.

– Every visit to a temple, every little conversation I have with God makes me positive, makes me grateful for the life I have been blessed with, for the people I have been blessed with in my life.

– I’m grateful for my husband who brings in an amazing sense of calm in me every time I make use of his alternate role as my vent-board! πŸ˜‰

So, what are you grateful for today or everyday?

11 thoughts on “The grateful post

  1. I am grateful to all those people because of them I am what I am , where I am and Who I am ..

    and grateful to all those people who have wished and cared for me always


  2. I am grateful to the rattle snake that went past me during last week’s hike, instead of showing me the power of its bite.


  3. Thank you everyone for dropping by and leaving your comments. I’m sorry to be replying in late. Am still on vacation you see :D. Hope to be more active in the blogworld as soon as I am back..


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