And I ramble too..

For I can’t see my blog dying a slow death. So I am trying to administer a CPR here with my aimless ramblings!

february ramblings

I just saw Shail’s post update that showed up on my facebook timeline and thought to myself,”Wow, now this is what I need to revive my blog again!”

A month of ramblings! Well, I’m a day late though. I join her nonetheless in her rambling-bandwagon!

I have no idea what to write. I’ll just let my rusting mind to grease up a bit with some free flow of thoughts and fingers to begin their tap-dance. The thoughts are intermittent. They seem like some clogged water-tap that spurts all of a sudden and then it stops. And then the water gushes out again with full force.

My thoughts are behaving the same way.

I have so much to say. But then I don’t have anything much either that may be of interest to those who may come wandering in pursuit of some interesting read. I may make sense out of the gibberish I share or may not. Having said that, what’s rambling if there isn’t a little bit of senselessness in it, right?

So here I ramble anyway..

In 4 days, we will be finishing 8 months into our move to Dubai. And another 4 months later, we turn one! Could time fly any faster!

Well, it’s been a good ride so far. No complaints as such. Except for the lack of a good solid friends circle. But then that’s a given hiccup in any new place, isn’t it? Finding good friends, establishing lasting relationships takes its course. Having said that, I must mention that Namnam has taken to this place very well. She has made some wonderful friends. Of course she misses her friends in Doha. But she is learning to appreciate her life here as well :). We have been fortunate enough to be living in a community that has a lot of kids her age.

Her school has been one of the other good things to have come out of our move. Every teacher, every staff has been accepting of her. On the very first day of her school, she was given a buddy who helped her get around the premises and get familiar with the functioning of the class. The buddy introduced her to her other friends in the class. And in a few week’s time Namnam had established a fair enough rapport with her classmates. I cross my fingers and mumble a “touchwood”, every time she gets ready in the morning with a glee on her face and an infectious zest to go to school!

And life can be even easier if you have taken up a house barely a few blocks away from your child’s school you know! From catching that extra sleep because the weather is so snugly and still being able to pack her and her lunch bag in time to school, to dropping the very lunch bag on another day because she forgets to take it, to sprint-landing at her classroom doorstep in no time (to the utter amazement of her teacher) to pick her up and bring her home because you get a message that she is can be a boon to have your child’s school in the vicinity, trust me!

Gosh I have been sitting on this rambling post since 8 in the morning! And now its almost 8 in the evening! Clearly shows how much of a drag I gave become as a blogger!

Anyway I had better hit that publish before I stray again.

Oh and yes did I mention, my parents are coming over to visit us? Rather Namnam’s grandparents as she would like me to put it :D. Yes they will be here by the end of this week, and I cant even begin to tell you how excited we all are!

The new abode of ours has seen a fair amount of visitors already in the 8 months that we have been here. We had, R’s childhood chum visit us, to start with. Followed by some of Namnam’s friends on her birthday, which also had a very dear friend from the blogworld and his family join us too. And then the year’s Eid brought us one of the best gifts when our entire gang of friends from Doha decided to surprise us by gate-crashing into our house! Then November  saw my father-in-law come and stay with us for a couple of weeks. The very month also brought in the chance to meet two of my school buddies after 26 long years! The new year kickstarted with an evening with two of my very dear blogger friends amidst a sessions filled with fun and laughter. And now, just yesterday I had one of my bestest friends spend the evening with us.

Yup, the Dubai stint has been pretty vibrant and active with not a dull moment so far.

I have my fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “And I ramble too..

  1. Such smooth settling in a new school is really a blessing, Deeps. Good for Namnam. And so convenient to be staying close to the school! the best, I should stay. Well, in case I come to Dubai, I am going to gatecrash too, and ask you to sing! 😉 😀


  2. You have given me ideas to revive my slowly collapsing blog 😉
    Good to hear that you are doing well in the new place! And yayyyyyyyyyyy to parents coming over!! wooo hooooo


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