Rambling #3- Khichdi

of thoughts, I mean. Not the thing that you eat 😀

Speaking of which, I’m not so much of a fan of the eating khichdi. I do crave for it, once in a blue moon though. But when I attempt to make it, I never manage to get the taste I am seeking. I know I know..it’s probably the easiest dish to make and yet I haven’t learnt to make it right. I love it when my Ma makes it. Its so funny that whenever she used to make it when I was small, I used to cringe at it. Refuse to taste it even. But now I can relish it only when she makes it the same way!

As I draft this post, I have 6 other tabs opened which I keep hopping off to in between. I have a dictionary site opened, I have a few links to some articles in other tabs, which I am in the middle of reading, and then there is a video in pause since last evening, which the girl of the house couldn’t finish since it was already bedtime, hence waiting to be replayed, and then of course there’s Facebook, which is my vitamin-F ;). Oops! I just sent a friend request by mistake to one of my school seniors. His name showed up on my timeline because of some random comment addressed to him by one of the people we knew in common. Now he was someone with whom I didn’t quite share very good vibe back in school. But since his name popped up on my screen, the disquisitive me obviously wanted to check what he was upto. And while reading up the profile, I accidentally got the cursor to send the request. Ahem, I am not showcasing a very favourable trait here I know. Please blame facebook for piquing my curiosity and turning me into a prying lurker, ok! Anyway, I cancelled the request as soon as I realized my folly! Phew!

See this is why I should not attempt multi-tasking-err-tabbing! Let me just close all the tabs and concentrate on one thing, rambling that is.

Oh shoot! I have to run to pick Namnam up from school. Oh no no, she is not sick today :D. Her school is closing in early because of a sporting event scheduled during the day.

I had thought I would be able to scribble my khichdi of thoughts before scooting out to pick her up. The way they were running around all helter skelter inside my mind, I had thought it would be easy peasy to pull them out and jot down here. Alas they are stuck right up in my mind causing a little stampede! Argh!

BTW, did you know that the beloved guardians of our culture are back to doing what they are the best at? Moral policing. They just get worse..err..better..by the year I tell you! May St.Valentine bless them! Yup. And this time they are rolling out a marriage bureau offering to marry off all those people “caught” celebrating Valentine’s Day. Shaadi.com, Matrimony.com, watch out, you’ve stiff competition waiting to throw you out of your business! You don’t believe me? Check this out.

Anyway, off I go now. Be back later..

february ramblings


12 thoughts on “Rambling #3- Khichdi

  1. I am really enjoying reading these ramblings! 🙂
    I read about the anti-Valentine gang this morning. Some things in the world are so insane that it frustrates me to even try and make people see sense…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. //And this time they are rolling out a marriage bureau//
    ROFL. That’s what it is, eh? Shaadi.com and other sites indeed might start losing business 😛
    I was smiling reading about your wanting to eat the khichdi Mom makes. My sons now crave for just the things they used to look down upon, pulisseri for example. 😛 😀

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    1. LOL! Sahi mei, kya khichdi pakaya!

      You know, after reading the post Amma has already said that she would make khichdi for me when she is here, and probably even compare my level of relishing from back then to now! 😀

      I must take the khichdi recipe from your Parukutty 🙂


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