Rambling #6

I haven’t had the time to think of what to ramble about today. I almost thought I wouldn’t get to my comp to draft my post, you know! Not that I am short of any access point to blog. Theres always the smart phone, if nothing works. But I dislike blogging from phone! Be it writing a post or commenting on posts, it’s a stressful task. So I normally avoid using my phone to blog. Read, yes. But if I have to comment or write, then mostly no. Unless it’s a sudden burst of energy to blog about something and my laptop is off reach or I desperately feel like leaving my thoughts on some relevant posts, I’d rather wait till I get to the safe confines of my laptop where there wont be a risk of ‘this is what I mean’ getting auto-corrected to ‘devil is what I feel’!!

Anyway, the major highlight of today is that my parents are here. Yayyy! Which should explain why I haven’t had the time to be online.  Its because my time is being more constructively used running around my Achan & Amma, tailing them, watching them take in the surroundings, revelling in their just being here. Needless to mention Namanam has been all over them, ever since their arrival last night.

It had been a dream to have them both come and stay with us someday. While Amma had visited us a couple of times, in Muscat and Doha and Achan had come and stayed with us once, in Muscat when Namnam had just turned one, we hadn’t succeeded in getting them to come together and visit us. Until now that is 🙂


And now, we hope to make their stay as memorable as possible.

Speaking of hope, Delhi elections is back in news and its heartwarming to see the focus back on the common man yet again. The party which had started off on such a promising note, only to end up disappointing its people, is back in the reckoning with a renewed fervour and hope. And going by the buzz across the country, it looks as if the people of India are ready to forgive them for their immaturity, and give them another chance after all.

With that I turn in for the day with a hope to see a better tomorrow. Good night!

february ramblings


6 thoughts on “Rambling #6

  1. I am with you on that, blogging and commenting from the laptop, reading can be on smartphone 🙂 Lol @”devil is what I feel”
    Immaturity can be forgiven in my books, but not calculated ‘taking voters for a ride’.
    Wonderful that your parents are over together. The L & M and I have not yet gone together to meet our sons where they stay 😀

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  2. Ditto, when it comes to phone vs laptop… I abhor the autocorrect and to top it, my fingers always become their fattest on the phone.

    Fun times for all of you…Enjoy their stay. 🙂


  3. Even i don’t like to write comments in phone. I read but i don’t comment when i am using phone…that way i miss commenting most of the time.

    Have fun with uncle and aunty. Namnam would be excited to have them….


  4. sorry for jumping to the middle part of the post Deepu but seeing Teacher (thanks for the pic Deeps) after so long has got me all teary eyed, please give her a tight hug from me.. wishing both of them an amazing stay with you… enjoy the love and warmth Deeps… take care


  5. Parents visiting is always a wonderful thing – enjoy their stay with you 🙂
    Yup…me too…only reading on phone !! All else I need a comp – its easy to type on a bigger keyboard 🙂


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