Rambling #8- Miles to go before…I find my way

around Dubai roads, that is.

Now, those who know me well can vouch for my not-so-impressive way with routes. I have an inane quality of losing my way, even while driving along the simplest of routes. My sense of direction would put even Christopher Columbus to shame, if he were alive today! I am terribly direction challenged. I can’t even read maps. I’m sure the latter part of Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps was written after me.

As for the former part, I can’t really endorse it as my husband DOES listen when I grumble bicker nag talk . Now how well he grasps all that he listens is something that deserves a separate post though :P. For now, let’s just stick to my navigation skill. Or the lack of it 😉

When we were in Doha I never used a map or GPS, even though there were umpteen occasions when I had lost my way. I even remember setting out with Namnam to a friend’s place, barely 20 minutes away, only to end up hitting a road that went straight to Saudi Arabia! And even worse, by some freak way, I had got on to the opposite side of the road! Needless to say I was given the dirtiest scowls by other drivers when trying to cut across to the right side of the road. Anyway, as I was saying, despite the many fiascos, I never used a map because  I had R and my friends to fall back on. I always called them when I couldn’t get my way around and they would be right there on the other end of the line, guiding me through.

However here, ever since the day I got my license converted, R insisted that I got the google map application downloaded to my phone so that I could learn my way around more easily. While the map has certainly made my life easier, I have yet not succeeded in getting my way around with it. So map or no map I’m still losing my way!

A couple of months ago, when my father in law came visiting, I took him and Namnam to a sports shop which is just 15 minutes away from our place. While it took us no time to get to the place as I zoomed like a pro using the GPS in my phone, it took us more than an hour to get back home! Why? Because thanks to my great ability to understand maps, I had this smart urge to try a new route which was supposed to get us back in shorter amount of time. But obviously I didn’t read the map properly and ended up driving to the other end of the city and giving my father in law and my daughter a mini tour of Dubai in the process!

And now, my father-in-law has been wanting to know when I will be giving a similar “Dubai Darshan” to my parents as well! 😛 😛

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8 thoughts on “Rambling #8- Miles to go before…I find my way

  1. hahahha!! Lucky for me that I have the voice-guided GPS that tells me where to turn and makes numerous recalculations of routes when I miss the turn!
    Yes, we definitely would like a post about your husband’s listening abilities!! 😉

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  2. Oh….I am super good with routes, maps and directions !! And I always remember the route once travelled to come back home safely 😀
    My younger one is like you….after much insistence, she’s learning the ways around now 🙂
    But I like the way, you consider the de-tours as tours of Dubai – thats the spirit of life :*


  3. //how well he grasps all that he listens// Lol, I understand that pretty well, Deeps 😛 😛 😀
    Once the Bil lost his way and we had a Dubai-darshan as well 😛


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