Rambling #9- remembering important dates and feeling special

Some of my friends have been exchanging each other’s birthdays back and forth on our What’s App group. One of them, my best friend, even remembered birthdays of practically everyone in the group! She was always good with dates, though, even back in school. She was the one who would have the most apt greeting card, ready much in advance. Not just that. She didn’t believe in presenting it with a simple “Dear D, Happy B’day, with love, H”. Even if the greeting card had the best quotes and messages printed in. She always presented it with her own hand-written messages, with every little space utilized to the fullest! Oh we used to love getting greeting cards from her, because she had a way with words. She had this beautiful knack of making a person feel extra special. I was heavily influenced by this quality of hers. So much so that even I began giving out greeting cards with some extra scribbles of my own. In fact a lot of us got influenced and soon it became a trend of sorts.

A couple of days ago I came across my autograph book in my bookshelf, while looking for something to read. I flipped through the pages and realized that most of them were filled page by page, line by line, with not an inch to spare, scribbled with sweet nothings by my friends and classmates.  And I realized how naive and gullible we all were back then.

Anyway I digress..again. But then digressing is an integral part of rambling, isn’t it? 😛

So to come back to what I started out wanting to tell, I was so impressed by my friend’s ability to remember birthdays that I too started making notes of them. It turned into a fun activity to remember birthdays and then pick up the right greeting cards and scribble our feelings in them. Oh the excitement to run to the nearest Archie Book Store, whenever the occasion demanded, to plan up ahead with the right kind of card to give with the right kind of messages to written in!

Keeping track of birthdays exposed me to sun signs and yes, Linda Goodman too! Her book was one that I could read any number of times! She was so convincing with her observations that I even started judging people by the sun signs they were born under. I even had my concerns when I learnt that I was marrying an Aquarian, who according to her reading wasn’t meant to be compatible with me. Yup, I was that quirky! But after having 15 years of living together has taught me that some readings are better left uncomprehended.

Speaking of remembering important dates…

Dear Husband, Happy Anniversary to you! Thank you for hearing me sing to you the same song for 15 years. But then I’ve been listening to you crack the same jokes and laughing at them too, havent I?. So you’d better 😛



2 thoughts on “Rambling #9- remembering important dates and feeling special

  1. First and foremost, a very happy anniversary to you both. I like that about singing the same song and cracking the same jokes. Lol, How wonderful. 😀
    I have given up on birthday cards. Just a Facebook wish is all the I do nowadays. The personalizing I do is to use one of my own pictures (at times, not always, depending on the time I have). Your friend sounds amazing. What dedication 🙂 I am too lazy. 😛


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