Rambling #13

Every morning I wake up with a sincere intention to blog, with a mash up of things in mind to ramble about. But as the evening approaches I find myself signing off the day with a terrible guilt of not sticking to the plan, and an even firmer plan to blog the next day. I’m not joking when I say that this rambling-challenge is what strikes me first when I wake up in the morning..it seriously is. There’s so much that I feel like saying that I find it exhilarating whenever I am able to type all that I want to say in words. But at the same time its been pretty draining as I am not very good at keeping the flow of thoughts smooth for long. My score-card has been abysmal whenever I have taken up such daily blogging challenges. And every time I end up feeling guilty and ashamed of my own lack of focus and earnestness.

Anyway the week so far has been largely eventful and fulfilling. We got a chance to attend International Day in Namnam’s school.  The idea behind this event, from what I understood was to bring all the students from different nationalities together with their families, expose them to each other’s culture, let them appreciate their identities and embrace each other. While the idea was certainly welcoming, the gust of people thronging at all the stalls was a little chaotic in the beginning. Having said that, the general vibe was pretty electric with children and parents and grandparents loitering about eager to try out different cuisines, cheering for their kids’ and friends’ performances, enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Yesterday was about taking my parents to meet one of their friends, getting them to witness another fairly older part of the city which they realized had a more charming effect on them, letting them experience the Dubai Metro and in the end treating them to a yummy Peshawari lunch 🙂

Today they got a feel of the city’s more modern representation when they took a ride up the world’s tallest building. The enchanted, wonderstruck look on their faces as they took in the view of the city from the top was unmissable.

The weekend is almost here. Which reminds me that I had promised Ma that I would make Tiramisu for her. Now is the time to get on with it.

So bye bye for now..

february ramblings


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