Rambling #15

This is probably the first time in my blogging existence that I am plugging in multiple posts in a day! I’m lagging way behind the rest in this Rambling Challenge, am 10 posts short of catching up with the days I missed out. Or is it 11, considering I joined the  a day late? *Faints*  Let me try if I can make up till half way through the count at least.

Anyway, the last few days have been largely spent getting around with my parents in town, knowing the city a bit closer, visiting their friends, having some of them over to our house even.

Last few days have also been about grumbling to my parents about some of their friends for their annoyingly persistent ways to connect despite the reservations to meet them. Which made me realize that it can be tough to tolerate some people for their quirky ways, yet some relationships can manage to remain unharmed for they may deserve a better treatment than they get.

And then there are some ties which need clipping off despite your wish to hold on to them. Unfortunately last week saw one such snipping off of a relationship much against the wishes.

february ramblings


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