Rambling #16- rambling gone awry!

And thats all the rambling I could churn out this month. Shail, I’m really sorry for being such a lousy player of this game! I should have known this is not my cup of tea :D. Or probably I chose the wrong time to take this up. It has been a beautiful month no doubt. One of the most memorable. But I didn’t realize that I would get so caught up with the everyday grind of things that my days would just swish past even before I could sit around to rambling about it!

Having said that, the fact is that I am truly glad that I took part in this challenge. For one, my blog was saved from the clutches of extinction :D. Whatever little distance I rode along was thoroughly enjoyable. The fact that I could just ramble on and on whatever gibberish came into my mind without being judged by anyone was in itself liberating.

I would have preferred a situation, though, where I had more time on hand to think more coherently and frame my thoughts as opposed to writing in a hurried state of mind.

And I also wish I had more time to go catch up on the posts by my fellow ramblers and others. Hope I am able to manage my blogging time better in the coming months. Looking forward to being around more often.

Thank you, Shail for letting me be a part of Rambling Challenge 🙂

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