Learn a li’l something everyday- Day 2

My blog has been lying low for a very long time. When I realized that, I thought the only way to keep it from dying a slow death was to pose a challenge to myself. I challenged myself to post about anything or something that I came across and learned from on a day. Hopefully everyday. It could be a thought, a gesture, an experience, a recipe or even a person that could be a source of my learning. I must admit that this idea of learning sprang up after I saw a friend’s updates on Facebook where she dedicated every single day of last month to one of her friends with a post, where she shared tidbits of each of her friendship and what she learned from each of them. I found the gesture way too beautiful to not imbibe. Now lets see how far I succeed in learning. And posting.

Yesterday, in fact, I did get a good learning from Namnam, which I had full intention to write about. But as is usually the case, the moment I logged in to the page and got around to writing, I ended up rambling about something entirely different!

So let me share what I learned yesterday, today. I learned that being a parent doesn’t essentially give her/him the right to assume that the child is always wrong vis a vis  the parents. What makes me say so? Well, here’s why.

So like every weekday, my yesterday morning kicked off with my alarm going off at 5, followed by me turning it off to toss & turn back for an extra half hour of sleep, then springing back up to sprint-perform my morning ablutions and running down to the kitchen to get packing Namnam’s lunch-boxes. When I finished sorting all boxes I went to get her lunch bag and her water bottle which is normally kept in the shelf. They weren’t there, which had me promptly assume that she must have forgotten them in school or probably left them lying in the car if she did remember to bring them back. I went to check inside the car but didnt find anything. Came back in, all charged up to give a big lecture about being more responsible and less forgetful. The usual jargon. Anyway, I packed the boxes in another bag and kept another water bottle for her to take.

When I asked Namnam about the missing bag and bottle, she refused to believe that she could be so forgetful. She was sure, as sure as eggs is eggs, that she had brought them back in. But she didnt have any choice but to acknowledge that her mother’s assumption of her was right, did she? Afterall, between the two parties- parent & child- its always the parent who can never go wrong, who can never be absent minded, right? Yeah, she was being drilled just that when I gloated on my fleeting assumption. So she nodded her head when she was sternly told by me to check for her belongings in school and headed out to start her day.

I got back to my morning chore of cleaning and dusting with the gloat sitting well on my face still! I strutted around the room with my broom in celebration when my eyes fell on the missing bag and bottle lying in Namnam’s room. There they were cackling and mocking me for my oversight! I had clearly misjudged my girl. Not once did it strike me to look in her room. I had clearly been the more absent-minded of the two parties.  I had half a mind to use the broom in my hand to hit my head! But fortunately or unfortunately I already had a niggling back pain poking at me for 2 days and making my life hell already. So I decided to spare my head just in time.

In the evening when I told Namnam about the day’s learning , another round of cackling ensued, even louder. This time of a 9 year old!