Moong Dal Laddoos- Day 10

To keep up to the spirit of the occasion 🙂

As we all gear up to celebrate Diwali, I made some moong dal laddoos, a sweet which is an integral part of the festival. I had come across the recipe only recently thanks to dear Monika who had shared it on her blog. It was way too tempting and easy to give it a skip! So I tried it and made a few a couple of weeks ago, and they came out pretty decent. The only variation I made to the recipe at that time was that I used sugar in place of jaggery for the simple reason that I didnt have any jaggery at home.

So today I decided to give the laddoos another go with the healthier ingredient, jaggery. So here they are. Lets have some ring in the festival of lights & sweets together 🙂



3 thoughts on “Moong Dal Laddoos- Day 10

  1. sadly I am working all day till late night .. so no celebrations for me 😦 but OYeeeeee courier me some i promise I will eat them the moment they LAND 🙂 yummmy

    Happy Diwali to you and family and Everyone around you .



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