Tuesday 17- Triangle

When I saw this prompt at first, I thought it would be a piece of cake! Now how difficult is it to spot a triangle shape in your daily life and click a picture, eh? But the whole day whizzed by and yet I couldn’t pin one single triangle that I would want to click and put it up here. Yes I did drive past buildings which had triangular shaped roofs which could have gone well with the theme, but they were either too far or too blurry when I clicked them from my phone. I even spotted a napkin, set like a triangle on one of the tables in a restaurant today, but that also didn’t qualify to be blog-worthy.

Then I remembered some pictures I had on my phone from a summer trip to Thailand this year. A lot of those pics were of temples and pagodas and palaces that the country is known for. I reckon being awe-struck by their intricate designs and architecture when I had visited the country 7 years ago. This time around too, I was just as amazed. Most of the structures largely had triangular shaped roofs.

And I found a pic that would be just right for today’s theme as I skimmed through my phone’s camera roll. It was taken when we went visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok..


Posted in response to a Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim

3 thoughts on “Tuesday 17- Triangle

    1. No, unfortunately not. But it is a good vacation spot. With its beaches and cultural history, it’s a place worth visiting at least once. Shopping is another pull. Although this time around I didn’t find it all that exciting. Felt their quality and service had come down drastically. But don’t get disheartened. Let me assure you that there’s far more to see and experience in Thailand than just shopping 🙂

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