Saturday 21- Old+New


This is an endless predicament if you ask me, to decide whether old rules or new. Whenever a topic on kindle is raised, it comes attached with a debate over its prominence vis a vis paperbacks. But then I wonder why should it be a thing to decide, eh? Books of any kind, any version should and must rule, irrespective of how we get to read them. Whether paper bound or electronically bound, a book is a book is a book!

I cant’t believe that I am saying this, because when e-readers had started to gain ground, I was one of those who had resisted them. But now, with the old and new managing to co-exist wonderfully so far, I can see myself embracing my Kindle and my paperbacks with both my arms alike!

Having said that, with the rapid change in the environment for the worse, I shudder to admit that gradually the use of paper may dwindle with the moving times. Which makes it even more of a need to enjoy this very moment of co-existence while it lasts.

Posted in response to Photo a Day Challenge 2015 by Fat Mum Slim