Day 27- Friday Feast

We just got back after feasting on this for dinner. An out n out arabic dinner. Some mix grilled kebabs, a few lamb chops and some finger-licking hummus and mutabbal to go with it. And of course a sea of greens and onions and potato fries garnished!


Thus a lazy Friday is almost about to come to an end. We were homebound most of the day. I could have easily written a post, but then I wouldn’t hv been able to stay true to being lazy enough to not move a finger, on a weekend, you see. So I didn’t! 😉

I did browse through my own blog just to randomly check on some old posts. I love doing that some times so I can keep myself motivated. But today I went checking on some old blogs also where I happened to come across some of the comments I had left about 5-6 years ago, which further made me realize that I should never take that route to go looking for motivation.  The route of reading my own old comments. Gosh I sounded so juvenile in most of them!  That was a time when I was fairly new to blogging, discovering the art of interacting with people outside of my real circle too, finding some resonance in their posts, learning to fit in and hoping to form some good friendships. So I guess that showed.

Anyway, a lesson learnt. I need to try and organize my thoughts especially while commenting a bit better.

OMG, its 11.58 here and I havent even finished my post. Let me publish it now!



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