The difference between a mother & a daughter

Mother: Molu**, are you free da? Shall we Skype?

Daughter: Nope Ma. Am at the parlour. And then I have to run a few errands. Busy day, Ma. Let me reach home OK!

No further questions asked. The whole day swishes by and the mother’s hope to see her daughter is left hanging in the air.

Next day…

Daughter: AMMA! (Yes, all caps to denote that she is shouting out on what’s app)

You there?

Be quick!!

Where are you?


Barrage of shout outs. But no response. The mother isn’t online yet.

The daughter places a frantic call.

The father picks up. Obviously unaware of the dire situation the daughter is in, he sets out on his own track

I know I know, mol! I know why you called. I am watching too. Federer is playing, right!!

Oh, Acha! I’ll catch the match later, ok. I didn’t call for that though. Where’s AMMA!  Can you pass the phone to her please?

No questions asked. The father passes the phone to the mother.

AMMA, don’t you have your phone with you?

No, da, I have been terribly busy. Haven’t had the time to even breathe!!

Well, I need your help! I need the recipe for Semiya Upma, right NOW!

That’s it? Is that why you are sounding so frantic?

YES! My pan is burning, Ma! Be quick.

OK OK. Will what’s app you the recipe right away.

No further questions asked. So what if the mother was busy. If the daughter summons, she had better be there for her! ;P


** Molu/Mol is an endearing way of addressing one’s daughter, in Malayalam

Dear Namnam,

Sorry, da.

There are so many things that I want to say sorry to you for. Many times I do say it to you, but a lot of times I forget. Actually the fact is that I forget because you make it so easy for me to forget.

Because YOU forget.

You forget that I was horrible to you. Then, you ever so easily put me back in your “my Amma is the best” space!

I’m not the best yet da. You deserve to be treated so much better by your Amma. But I sometimes get so caught up with things happening around me and even more, inside my mind that I go astray and cause mayhem while dealing with you.

So let me say it again. Sorry for the many things that I do or don’t do even, that eventually hurt you or disappoint you. You may just say, it’s ok, Amma and move on, like you always do. Because that’s the kind of person you are. A child still. Ever so forgiving. But that, in no way, means that I can get away, right.

I hate myself, Namnam, absolutely hate myself when I take out my monster self on you. I yelled at you today. I yelled at you last night. And the day before. Each time, probably making you wonder if it’s something that I am beginning to enjoy as a hobby.

Now, sometimes you ask for that monster mom to be pulled out, we can’t deny that, can we! Like today? I did start off by being soft on you, all the while trying my best to keep my lava boiling inside my panicking-mind from bursting, when you had to be coaxed and prodded to dress up fast. But despite being aware that you were running late for school, you had to run back upstairs in the nick of time to get your book!! And the result? The lava burst and out came the monster-mom spitting fire!

Or what about last night? When you were well past your bed time but you still couldn’t help making that feeble attempt at staying awake for that extra minute by sneaking out of your bed on the pretext of getting some water to drink? I had no choice but to resort to a roar loud enough for you to crawl back in bed meekly.

Of course I instantly regretted roaring at you, when you kissed me goodnight with a tight hug as though nothing else but your love for me mattered.

So, sorry, kanna, for being hard on you. But sometimes, that’s the only way to get you back in track.

And then there are times when I wonder if I am a little too dismissive. When you pretend to be a baby and ask to be carried and cuddled like one. Or creep and crawl to the bathroom and ask that you be given a shower. I dismiss all of your pleas at times, tell you off and remind you of your “big girl” status. Much as I hate reminding myself that you are growing up, times like this when you remind me otherwise, make me wonder how strange and weird life is.

Sometimes, much I sense that I am unfair to you, I find myself pushing you to give your best, ignoring that you probably are giving your best afterall. I ignore still, just so that you can belong to the peer you represent. I’m really really sorry for that, Namnam. I genuinely am. Sometimes I get buckled under peer pressure of my own. And I realize very well that I need to take it easy and curb my anxieties.

So please forgive for being what may seem unjust.

You are my pride. And there’s not been a single day that I haven’t said this to myself. I have re-iterated it to you at every occasion. I must say it more often, I realize that. You are the best in your own right. Be the best in your own eyes, on your own terms. Thats all that matters.

With the hope that you will be as forgiving as you are..

Love always,


Its a small world!

I may have used this phrase many times before, whenever I have met people and discovered a common link somewhere during our niceties and conversations. Why, Facebook in itself is a world which makes you realize how true this one phrase is, isnt it? ‘Cos thanks to FB, anyone who knows someone you know will, at some point, end up knowing you and ‘fraandship-ing’! So, many a time I have disregarded this phrase for its flimsy representation.

But yesterday I realized how life can throw an amazing surprise at you and give such a wonderful meaning to the phrase.

It started with a school friend sending me a very short message on whats app asking about the exact name of the area I lived in. I answered him. But he had a different place in mind so we just left it at that. Then he messaged again mentioning about one of his childhood friends whose kids studied in the same school as Namnam. I wasn’t sure if he meant the same branch, or same school but different branch. So then we got chatting, and a couple of messages later I learned that the kids were indeed in the same branch. We got chatting some more, only to discover that the kids were not only in the same branch, but one of the kids was also in Namnam’s batch and this childhood school friend of my friend’s was already a dear friend of mine with whom I was connected though our kids’ school!

Until then, this dear friend and I had no knowledge that we had a common link with whom she was connected from Kerala, while I was connected from Delhi, and this link was now based in Chennai, while we were here sitting in Dubai trying to make sense of it all!

The games time chooses to play with you!

Anyway, the game is not over yet…

As if the moment hadn’t had enough of throwing enlightening surprises at us, I learned from the dear friend here that her husband was an alumni of my school, to which my other school friend was completely oblivious. We could pull out a few more names of friends and acquaintances that we commonly knew.  To say that we were at our wits’ end wouldn’t be an exaggeration. So this friend of mine with whom I had no prior connection was now connected through two different ways. Probably if we had dug some more of our respective lives, who knows we might have discovered some familial, ancestral connections even!

Well, much as it felt a li’l creepy, it was amazingly overwhelming.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how life puts you in different places at different junctures and then moves you around in different spheres over the course of your existence all the while connecting dots for you here and there, probably without you even realizing, and then one common thread comes right up, binding us all?

Happy 2016!

Sometimes all you seek out is a quaint peaceful green nook to ring in the New Year..and all we did was snuggle up to it.



The year has kicked off on a rainy refreshing note already! Yup, it rained here in Dubai land, the whole of yesterday. And today the weather is just heavenly. *breaks into a twist dance with her two left feet*

And while the weather is favourable, I think the time is right to make some resolutions.

  • To start with, I plan to shed some kilos off me, that I have accumulated especially in the last few days that I went visiting home. I have no particular target, but I guess a good 3-4 months should be a doable period to reduce some 3-4 kgs? Let’s see..
  • Read more books. Oh I have already set this particular resolution in motion by picking up some good books from Bombay and downloading a few more on my Kindle. Now its just a matter of setting out on a reading spree with them. Hopefully it should be a good ride.
  • Learn new recipes, at least 3. Now the year gone by hasn’t been all that exciting in terms of my culinary skills. Not that I am an expert at it, but I do like to indulge in some baking and cooking when an occassion demands or I am in a charitable mood to attempt my experiments on R & Namnam. So off I go on a delicious quest for some food blogs!
  • Revive my music, not limit myself to listening to any particular kind, sing more often, and keep my vocal chords from dying a slow death 😀
  • Unpack the luggage in the next one day week month…starting from from the next minute!!

Hope you all had a refreshing start to the year as well! 🙂