Because I have just come back from a holiday so obviously a few kilos heavier and a few notches lazier and more so because, between Monika and RM, the spirited ladies have explained the fun activity planned up ahead, much better than I could, re-blogging the post here.

So let’s get walking and have fun, shall we!

R's Mom

Remember when I wrote how I went from 0 to 10 to… again!

I realised that I have been putting on way too much weight..and I do not want to spend money on any clothes any more! I have enough and more…So the point being..we were talking about something yesterday on this Whatsapp group and the lovely Monika spoke about #100DaysofWalking…who wants to join me?

RM: Kya hai woh Monika..tell me, I want to join in..what is it?

Monika: hehehhe! I just made it up

RM: !!!!!

But Monika being the super lovely one, agreed to actually take up this challenge of #100DaysofWalking for me, with me. She said, lets do it..I was like okay yayayay! and then the super Deeps and awesome Pixie agreed to be a part of it as well..

When Monika tweeted about it…folks showed interest and so we decided we are doing #100DaysofWalking starting August 17th…

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