With trembling hands and a jittery mind…Day 1

is set rolling.

Yes. Day 1 of the NaBloPoMo.

Yes yes, the very dangerous game where you are to blog daily for one whole month! Oh the very term gives me shivers, to be honest. I have never had a very favourable equation with the game, you know. Much as the prospect of expressing yourself, scribbling your flowing thoughts down sounds attractive and incredibly exciting, the counter-prospect of what if your thoughts get clogged enough never to make it to your blog is terribly nerve-racking too. And going by track record with challenges like this, and how erratic my blogging has been in general, the latter prospect seems more likely to happen. Add to that a busy month with your family visiting, an exciting stint at volunteering waiting to unfold, not to forget, sitting and chomping your kid’s head off with your non-stop bickering!

Yet here I am, back testing the waters again. Why, you may ask. Well, for one if you have friends like Swaram, with her infectious energy to get everyone kicked up, even kicking everyone in the process to join in, you are bound to get pulled in. Also if you have friends like Sags, who’s holding you at gunpoint from the other end of the phone all the way from India or wherever she is gallivanting about and persuading you with her emotional dialogues, to join in you, don’t have much choice left, do you? Now you don’t want your Diwali to end with a shot bursting through your telephone and hitting your head, right 😉

So when you see them so charged up, in no time, you are taken back to those good old days when blogging was a norm in your life. Just like any other routine. Where there was always a hunger to share. To let your words speak for yourself.

This time around too the hope is to do just that. To resurrect my blog, to give it a steady flow. So..here goes my first post. And what better day than today. The day when Kerala was born. The soil where this Delhi mallu girl’s roots lie.

Happy Kerala Piravi Dinam to all my fellow Malayalis out there!

And a Happy Diwali to all, belated though. Hope you all had a sparkling start to the year 🙂