To see something in everything…Day 2

Phew! Finally here, a good 2 hours late.

I had planned to be here at about 8, right after I had packed Namnam & R to school and office respectively. Because then I would have some quietness and the laptop all to myself. I had the perfect plan to perch myself in front of my comp and start tapping some letters to make a post. In fact between yesterday from the moment the publish button for Day 1 post was clicked and today I must have cooked up some 100 prompts in my mind to write about.

As Rekha so rightly observed in her post, its funny how a blogging marathon can make us sit up and look at everything that comes our way as a probable fodder for post! There was a post sticking out of that line of ants which went marching past me ; the spilt milk cried out loud for a chance to grace my blog ; even the biggest news about a certain news anchor calling it quits had a prompt LOUD enough to befit a blogpost!

But whats equally funny, in my case, is when I get down to turning all those prompts into a full fledged post, they all come crumbling down to nothing.

See now for instance, I started out with a grand plan to tell you all how and why I got late in logging in here. But as always dragged on with the hows, with no sight of the whys. So let me get to the why before I lose you to sleep.

As I geared up to kick start the second day of the marathon, a friend dropped by for a quick hello. Once she left, the computer beckoned again, and this time I got lost in a pool of pictures of an adventure camp that Namnam had been to last week. So a good hour or more was spent looking through those 1000+ pictures, trying to spot my kid, doing a jig each time she was spotted and then sharing them with the rest of the family back home.

Then once that was sorted, I closed all the tabs, kept my phone far away with Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter temporarily gagged (at the risk of gasping for my own breath), so there’s no room for any further distraction, and landed here and spent another 2 hours to cook up a non-post, which is what you have just read. Now off I go in pursuit of some fodder for tomorrow.

Before I sign out, a peek into what my li’l camper was up to last week…

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