To see something in everything…Day 2

Phew! Finally here, a good 2 hours late.

I had planned to be here at about 8, right after I had packed Namnam & R to school and office respectively. Because then I would have some quietness and the laptop all to myself. I had the perfect plan to perch myself in front of my comp and start tapping some letters to make a post. In fact between yesterday from the moment the publish button for Day 1 post was clicked and today I must have cooked up some 100 prompts in my mind to write about.

As Rekha so rightly observed in her post, its funny how a blogging marathon can make us sit up and look at everything that comes our way as a probable fodder for post! There was a post sticking out of that line of ants which went marching past me ; the spilt milk cried out loud for a chance to grace my blog ; even the biggest news about a certain news anchor calling it quits had a prompt LOUD enough to befit a blogpost!

But whats equally funny, in my case, is when I get down to turning all those prompts into a full fledged post, they all come crumbling down to nothing.

See now for instance, I started out with a grand plan to tell you all how and why I got late in logging in here. But as always dragged on with the hows, with no sight of the whys.Β So let me get to the why before I lose you to sleep.

As I geared up to kick start the second day of the marathon, a friend dropped by for a quick hello. Once she left, the computer beckoned again, and this time I got lost in a pool of pictures of an adventure camp that Namnam had been to last week. So a good hour or more was spent looking through those 1000+ pictures, trying to spot my kid, doing a jig each time she was spotted and then sharing them with the rest of the family back home.

Then once that was sorted, I closed all the tabs, kept my phone far away with Whatsapp/Facebook/Twitter temporarily gagged (at the risk of gasping for my own breath), so there’s no room for any further distraction, and landed here and spent another 2 hours to cook up a non-post, which is what you have just read. Now off I go in pursuit of some fodder for tomorrow.

Before I sign out, a peek into what my li’l camper was up toΒ last week…

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21 thoughts on “To see something in everything…Day 2

  1. Oh Deeps! I wish I had a way of translating my thoughts into posts automatically. I have the most wonderful ideas while I’m driving or while walking through a throng of people during lunch time. And as soon as I get to the phone or laptop, every single idea magically disappears!

    Namnam seems to have had such a wonderful time! And so lucky that you’ve got pictures too! Daughter’s school is so strict about privacy that we don’t get pictures sent to us 😦 We just get email updates from their trip. And to add to that they weren’t allowed to take cameras either. Guess I’ll have to wait for her to get back to get to know what all they did.

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    1. Oh those wonderful ideas that magically come to us at the most inopportune times!

      Yes she had a blast, Smits. And the school’s camp team was fantastic with their updates. They didnt allow the kids to carry any electronic devices either, so emails with some pictures were our only point of communication. Once they got back, the school sent us a detailed account of the camp with all the pictures.

      Poohi is on a camp too? Thats great! I’m sure she would have truckloads of fun things to tell you πŸ™‚


      1. She’s on a residential trip where they’ve been canoeing, kayaking, caving , climbing cliffs, going on night walks. I suspect the kids won’t want to come back to their boring normal lives after this trip πŸ™‚


        1. Haha! So true! Namnam came back after a 3 day camp filled with similar activities- they did body-boarding, kayaking canoeing, air course- and the whole of weekend she was walking around lost, pesterung us to take her back to the camp site 😁


  2. ha ha…our wandering minds πŸ˜€
    Its becoming quite tough for me too !
    Fodder for post – yes – anything can be made into a post now πŸ˜‰
    Nice pics Deeps…I also wanna try that mountaineering thing πŸ˜€

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  3. There are so many things to write about. Look at Our Planet Earth. Look at the People. See the Countries. See the Religions. See the Conflicts. See the Poor Kids on the roads.
    Take a walk down the road and look at how Humans and Animals are Living today.


      1. Deeps, you can write about such ‘Interesting Things’ in our World, Our Planet, Our Society, Our Country. You should learn how to bring out messages to your readers by your poetry or post. Make it short, powerful and sweet.


  4. OMG! Those are some serious (scary looking) adventures Namnam was a part of. I wish I had them all in my school days too, maybe then I wouldn’t freak out so much every time it was time to embark on an adventure trip.
    It’s been 4 days into NaBloPoMo and till date I have managed to publish my post just minutes before midnight. It’s time I fixed that bit ASAP.


  5. Ha Ha thanks for the mention Deeps!! you wont believe how this blogathon madness had me churning out 3 posts at a stretch that too typed on my phone , phew!!! I was unwell and lagging behind so I had to desperately catch up and lo! behold I am only one post away from catching up with you guys… till then let me also go and look up some fodder for the post….
    take care


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