Day 5- Decisions…

They are so deceptive.

At one glance, they look easy. You feel as if you have a complete hold on them. And then when you sit and ponder over, they get more and more difficult to tame.

I don’t know if it’s the right time to share here. Because we haven’t reached any headway in our decision, so it’s premature still. But since this is where I put my thoughts down when I can’t put elsewhere, I guess it’s only natural that I do so.

We have been mulling over bringing home a pet for quite some time. A pet dog to be precise because it’s Namnam’s wish and a wish that R completely backs because he is a dog lover to the core. As for me I have no real preference because I have never considered myself an animal person.

I know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Making a decision to raise a pet is no joke. It’s a huge step. Probably even as huge as the one I took when R&I decided to have Namnam.

So when Namnam expressed a wish to get a pet, even though it seemed like a natural progression and a simple one at that to make, R & I have been a little jittery.

Funnily though the dog lover of the family and the only one who has grown up with dogs as his best friend all through is the more jittery of us, while I have rather been carried away by our girl’s yearning which has been getting stronger by the day.

So you can imagine the scenario here. The more practical the more sensible member of the family is already running the risk of being run over by the other two chronically emotional members.

While I completely understand when R says that having a pet at home would entail a big responsibility, it may hit our social life in a big way, we may even feel curtailed to travel as often as we do since that would mean sending your pet to a pet care center which is an exorbitant option here. Not to mention a scenario when we will have families staying over. Will they be able to cope well? He has all the valid points. It IS a huge responsibility. Yet I find myself wondering what if it does work out. We wouldn’t know how well we can cope until we do tread that path and try, right.

And then again a worrying thought creeps in..what if it doesn’t work out? What if I don’t warm up to the kid? Because all said n done I, more than anyone, have to spend a good part of the day with him/her.

I really don’t know when it will all fall in place. There are so many things that we have to consider before we take that plunge finally and it might even overturn our lives completely.

Right then a friend sends a pic of the most adorable thing looking in hope of finding a home and I realize how much I want this to work out for my girl’s sake more than anything.

Maybe there is a pup out there who’s waiting to accept us in his/her life…