Day 6- Chaos

That’s the state my mind is in right now. Utter chaos.

There are so many topics that I have in mind to blog about but they are all playing havoc inside me, crushing and pushing each other out of the way to escape. None of the them seem to be particularly succeeding in outsmarting the other to make it as a post. Bah!

Anyway I anticipate that this particular chaos is going to be an ongoing affair throughout this marathon…if I survive it that is. So let me not bore you all. Instead let me indulge in some cheating and club one of the topics that I had in mind with this week’s photo challenge.

Here’s an image that came to my mind the moment I saw the prompt from WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

Times Square
Times Square

We were here in August this year. New York in general was good to us. So when we went to Times Square, I was fully expecting to take well to its vibe too. Sadly it was not to be. Probably because I was way too exhausted after a long day getting around the other parts of the city, to truly appreciate the dazzle that this particular corner was widely known for. Or probably it was never meant to take well to me :D. Anyway this place perfectly described chaos. Where everyone was in an insane amount of rush to get past and on. Blindingly jazzy buildings, the razzmatazz, the vibrancy was too smothering for me to take in. It was so unsettling and so chaotic that I just couldn’t connect with it.

What amazed me though was how hundreds and thousands of people thronged the place with such fervour till the wee hours of the night. There was a certain kind of sync in that disorderliness. It was probably their way to break away from their own chaos who knows.

9 thoughts on “Day 6- Chaos

  1. Rightly said…their way to break away from their own chaos. They say no one sleeps empty stomach in New York. In that place anyone and everyone can survive.

    Time square is in my bucket list. Planning to go before the year ends, it’s just 8 hrs drive from my place.

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  2. Oh…choosing one topic among the many that floats in th mind is indeed a difficult task – all the marathon bloggers of this month will vouch for that – you’re not alone!
    Lovely pic…
    True that…walking briskly around Times Square to clear the chaotic mind 😀

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