Day 8- Tired but Not Out

Phew! It’s been a long day. But a good day.

Am so sleepy and tired right now that I could just doze off sitting right here while typing into the computer. I think I am sleep-typing already! I can’t crash out yet fully, though, as I need to be awake to open the door to R who’s on his way back from a work trip. And also,I need to get today’s post done with. See how dedicated I am! 😆

BTW, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who commented on my previous post. It’s not been an easy one to write, and I’m not particularly proud to have let the negativity inside me come to the fore. But I’m still glad I wrote it. And gladder that it’s now behind me. Thank you all for understanding the sentiments behind the post and making me feel so much better. Am truly touched.

Loads of hugs back to each of you 🙂

So as I was telling it’s been a good day. I had gone out with some friends on a lunch date and had the most delicious risotto after ages over hours of chatting and laughing. We iced it with a sinfully luscious chocolate fondue.

Sometimes all you need is a good company and a little time out of the maddening rush of life to get your groove back and be ready to get past the rest of the day or even the week.

And now I am going to hit publish and shut my laptop off. R is back, and off I go!