Day 14- Moony Monday

Began with the usual morning chore. Packed an omelette some cheese slices and a few Oreos along with Namnam to school.

Then packed R to office.

Then set off to pack myself to the library

Enjoyed every bit of my time there.

Met an interesting person, a fellow volunteer. He told us that he visited his daughter once in a year and quite enjoyed whiling away his time by helping out in the library once in a while. He was quite old, probably as old as my father, which made it even more adorable to see him so spirited and so eager to learn.

After the library work, went to Namnam’s school to watch her perform in a play. Like always I sat there like a bundle of nerves, at the edge of my seat shuddering at the thought of her forgetting her lines and came back all proud and overcome by emotions to see my baby rock it on stage!

And now while wondering what to post, it struck me that today was a significant day. It was the day of the super moon. So out we ran to see the moon which was believed to be the biggest and brightest one to rise in 69 years. And click this pic as a proof.




So thats Moony Monday for you all 😛

7 thoughts on “Day 14- Moony Monday

  1. That was a day well spent! The moon looked so gorgeous that day!! And we mothers have this habit of over worrying and then our kids just go on to remove those worry lines and add smiles in our lives!! Touch wood!

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