Day 15- Tiny bit Blank

I’m this close to giving up. I may just. So…sorry in advance if I don’t make it tomorrow 😀

Right now my situation is similar to the image below. Where words in my head are frantically looking to escape, like that tiny baby , but my mind is refusing to let go of its dreadful hold like the crocodile below!




Posted in response to the Weekly Photo Challenge. Theme: Tiny

This was clicked in August 2016, in Brooklyn, New York.

9 thoughts on “Day 15- Tiny bit Blank

  1. Deeps, you are nearly there. Half way mark through.
    That crocodile is beautiful by the way. Do some photo posts. As Uma says book cover posts will be fantastic.
    Some wordless Wednesday, May be upload your singing or share a song on for a Tuneful Tuesday/Thursday.

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  2. I know you will be like that crocodile not giving up!! You can do it, Deeps… half the battle is already won!! Looking forward to your Day 16 post!!
    PS : Love this pic, very interesting!

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