Day 19- For the love of chocolate!

So I’m sitting here waiting for Namnam’s piano class to get over and guess what I am craving for?

I know it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy if you know me well. And if don’t know me well then too because the title of the post is quite self explanatory. So no prizes for guessing 😉

Yes it’s chocolates that I’m craving. A good full bar of dark chocolate. Sigh! The mere thought is making me weak-kneed. It doesn’t help that I had a piece last night.

In fact R had got 3 bars of chocolates.  In an ideal situation we would have divided the bars equally since each of us takes our respective responsibility of being a chocoholic quite seriously. Which is why you would find chocolates of some kind always making their presence felt in this house in some way or the other. It could be a walnut banana bread with chocolate chips liberally thrown in ; or a super moist chocolate cupcake ; or chocolate brownie with a generous amount of chocolate fudge poured over it ; or piping hot chocolate to calm your senses on a wintery day or ; a humungous quantity of chocolate trifle ready to embrace you into its fold ; or a simple chocolate bar or even an eclair ever so willing to melt in your mouth.

We believe in co-existing you see!

Anyway let me not digress. So from 3 bars that R got, I had to find contentment in only one, that too a small piece out of it and command convince Namnam into having only 2 because the thought of a cavity infested teeth was too scary to hold the much dear chocoholic status aloft!

Namnam took her own sweet time to finish her small share. She had the perfect mantra of making the best of the limited share she had..took tiny bites, let it melt in and then let out a blissful “Aha!” each time. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that she made me proud. When I saw her relish and feel her chocolates like that something told me that I was raising my kid right!

Oh how I wanted to just run , take whatever chocolates there were at home and place them in her hands while blessing her, “Ja Namnam, jee le apni Zindagi!” But the cavity infested thoughts came hovering over me again and I stopped myself.

That’s not to say that I am giving up chocolates. No way! I may have cut down on it. Give them up, never.

So now that I am home let me go hunt for some chocolates to abate my craving…for now.

Oooh I see one lone piece of double chocolate cupcake earnestly calling out to me to devour it.

Here I come, my love..