Day 22- Ringing in Wintery Love

In the past 22 days, every waking hour of mine has elicited one emotion for sure- that of hope. The hope to find some prompt to post. Some fodder. Any grub that I can latch on to.

Today too was no different. I kept looking out for a sign that would tell me, “There! There’s your today’s post!” which came in the form of aloo-methi ki sabzi** and rotis! And while making them I kept feeling jubilant because to me aloo methi always meant that winter was round the corner.



So when I went to check on the WordPress site for today’s prompt, I secretly wished that it would have something suitable for my state of mind. Voila! It sure did.


As it turned out our dinner did elicit a sense of nostalgia in me. It took me home to Delhi where we would all be layered in our winter-wear, too cold and lazy to walk to the dining table so keep ourselves snuggled inside the razai and be served with hot and steaming chapatis and aloo methi ki sabzi or even methi ke parathe by Ma. Right when we would think that ringing in winter couldn’t get better, she would go one notch higher and serve us gajar-ka-halwa! And that would officially welcome the season.

Even though there is no “winter” here, there are signs still, that we have come to look forward to seeing that could elicit a certain kind of wintery love. So when those signs present themselves nothing can stop me or Namnam from feeling inexplicably happy.


** Aloo-Methi ki Sabzi- A curry made with Potato & Fenugreek leaves