ME: Am a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys being one and loves to watch her daughter grow. Having been born and raised in Delhi, I’m a Delhiite to the core with a heart of a Malayali. I’m currently based in Dubai, a city I’m getting to know and waiting to fall in love with.

I moved in here in June 2014 from Doha, Qatar- a place I didn’t like being in initially, but went on to grow on me and gel with me perfectly, much to my surprise! And now I am fervently hoping that I take to Dubai just as perfectly well.

Music is something which is ingrained in me.It always soothes me whenever I’m low. I love listening to anything thats pleasing to the ears. Apart from that my hobbies include travelling, shopping(more specifically for my daughter), reading(not voraciously though, but works of selected few like Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, and more recently Khaled Hosseini, Chitra Divakaruni, Indu Sundaresan) ,playing Scrabble(to the point of being addicted to it), net-surfing, pouring my heart out to my husband(oh yes,he is my primary vent turf) and for the last six years, blogging.

THE BLOG: This space is to mainly share my thoughts and experiences happening in and around me, the way I perceive.

Blogging liberates me whenever I speak my mind about things I feel strongly about, excites me every time I come across like-minded people who relate with my posts, makes me see the other side of my viewpoint when people disagree with me. So blogging is one aspect of my life I am glad I ventured into.

The two constant mentions in my posts will be the two people around whom my life is woven. R, my husband and Namnam, our daughter raising whom we learn a new facet of parenting everyday.


The current header is an image of a sand sculpture which was a part of an exhibition held a while ago in Doha.

The previous header has the image of Souq Waqif, a traditional market located in the heart of Doha. The market has been built in an authentic fashion keeping in mind the traditional roots of Qatar. It has a labyrinth of alleyways lined with small shops selling all kinds of good ranging from dry fruits, nuts, perfumes, spices, shoes, clothing, etc. The Souq is emerging as a major tourist attraction in the country.

The previous header, named MistyDeeps by its creator,Solilo includes some palm tress to signify my Malayali roots,rains to signify my current craving,which is practically there through the year,and Namnam,the essence of my blog. Oh and BTW,do you all see the stain on far right?Yeah,thats tea spilled by Namnam as visioned by her Soliloauntie!
Sols,thank you from the bottom of my heart for this header and for being such a darling.You’re an amazing artist and an even greater friend 🙂

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  1. im so happy that u tried and loved it and that the guests loved it too..i didnt get ur email id to reply back, so writing here…u made my day lady!!


  2. Nice header and now i am planning to change my header and copy urs with my kids snaps

    D:Thanks a lot,Saritha. Will wait to see yours put up on your page 🙂


  3. Mistylook is good, Deepu. I think better than Regulus though I didn’t see how this blog looked in that theme. But LOVE this one.
    D: I loved Regulus,Sols,the only hiccup was its header.but now I realize this looks much better with its header, all thanks to you,re 🙂 🙂

    Nammu chakkara looks adorable. Beautiful smile! *touchwood*


  4. That tea was not spilled by Nammu chakkara. Don’t blame her for your carelessness. Ha..ha..ha..

    D: oye!you dont care about the ‘greater friend’ part that I wrote,do you?you’d much rather be a chaaploos-auntie to Namnam,huh?..shey! 😀


  5. Hi,
    need some info about cost of living in Doha. Particularly the rentals for middle income Indian family in an Indian community


  6. HI Deeps, thanks for visiting my blog. I have been seeing your name on Solilo’s blog and IHM’s blog and thought I might visit you one of these days. I am glad you visited and hastened my visit! 🙂
    It’s like suddenly I have come across a lot of new people. So hi to you. And by the way, that’s a cute header and I guess this is a side of Solilo I had not known.

    D: Hi Nita. Welcome here 🙂 . I was glad to have come by your page.In fact I should have come by earlier. But as they say,’its never too late’ 🙂 .

    As for Solilo,she is multi-faceted. Its just that she has kept all her talents safely behind that B&W profile image of hers and brings them out one by one like a trump-card 😀


  7. that was a crisp “about me” 😛
    of late i have been restricting myself to my own blogosphere but i guess this blog hopping is actually paying off. 😛
    hope to drop in again 🙂

    D: Welcome here,Arpit. A word of caution though,blog-hopping will be quite addictive too 😆
    But it will be well worth the addiction,nonetheless. Will look forward to having you over again 🙂


  8. Hmmm…hmmmm…hmmmm still on a hiatus and not motivated enough?? well I am gonna bring some smiles your way soon…you just wait and watch :mrgreen:

    D: bring them on! they had better be good,Saksh else I wont take a second to mummify you. Then your museum visits will all go down the drain 😀


  9. Came to your blog from the comment on mine :). glad to know you. Very interesting blog. keep sharing. Will visit often. Best wishes

    D: Thank you, Tikuli. Welcome here, will look forward to having you here more often 🙂


  10. Lovely header!

    When I was on blogger blog I never changed my header, but now I have changed so many, I plan to create a page with images of all the past headers 🙂

    D: That will be wonderful,IHM. Eagerly waiting for that header to be up on your page 🙂


    1. The header looks great… I think you can create a Headers page, for us to tell you what we think – I noticed there is another comment from me – about another gorgeous header!

      D: ha ha ha..that comment was for my ‘Souq Waqif’ header :). I have a sub section in this page where I’ve given details about the headers I’ve used.I’m yet to update on my current one. Will do it ASAP.

      A separate page for headers seems like a great idea. Let me see if I can give that a shot . Thanks for the suggestion, IHM 🙂


  11. Deeps, I tried couple of themes today and not liking anything.

    This theme is growing on me. As I mentioned earlier, I like everything about it except the font size b/c my blog title is long. ‘Perceptions’ is small and suits the page. I tried ‘Structure’ only to find that there is actually no option to change 3 column to 2 and hate that ‘featured’ post box.

    Is this Pink color optional? Is there a plain version or B/W, Grey?


    1. Yes, Sols, it is optional. They have about 7 colour options. And,yes, they have grey, blue, brown, red and a few other. Pink is the default colour. I liked Red too but pink was more sober for me and suited me better. They have some amazing background colour options. Do check it out. You may like it 🙂


      1. Done. 🙂

        Tried all the latest themes and options and decided on this one. I chose Grey-no header-shortened title (rest of the title as tag line for now). I still wish that they reduce font size of the title.


    1. Missed you Abhi!! Thanks so much, re..this snap was taken at my parents’ house, terrace to be precise 😀 .

      Arre no strategy, re, I was taking a sequence of shots and one of them turned out this way 😀


  12. Deeps!

    Many many happy returns of the day!!!!! Hope u have a sooper celebration! And my wishes to your parents for their anniversary as well!


    D: Thank you so much, sweetheart! I knew you’d remember my b’day,but I’m ven more touched that you remembered my parents’ anniversary :). Will pass on wishes to them, surely. Thank you again.
    Hugs & Muahs!


  13. Me totally, mentally and physically okay 😛 Just stuck in an exciting event where am getting to bump into Kunal kapoor look alikes 😉 That’s what is keeping me away from blogs. Will be back and mail ya. till then hugsssssssss and sloppy kisses to Namnu



  14. Hi. You’ve got a nice blog. I am a WordTwist addict too 😀 Ah! the joy when you get the longest word. Very few things can beat that 🙂

    D: 🙂


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  16. Hey!! Your header has changed, so please enlighten us on it. 🙂
    Talking of headers, I have a header of random pictures (all clicked by me). Every time a page is refreshed or seen, a new picture shows up. 😀

    And you have a wonderful blog too. 🙂


    1. Hi Nisha, welcome here :). Your comment reminds me that I haven’t updated my header-info in a long while! The header that you saw is of a random shot I took of a monorail in KL, Malaysia 🙂


  17. I live in a city that is filled with people of all religions and cultures – Many come from India, Pakistan and Fiji but few of the women speak with such joy about their lives, and few I know personally would dare to start a blog such as this. Thank you for doing that, THANK YOU For being so open and honest. I have added a link to my website, You need not reitterate, I just thought I would let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and I hope to continue to so.



    1. Hi Diya, welcome here. Thank you for dropping by. Wonderful to know that you live in the UAE too. I just did a quick hop over to your blog and I am already looking forward to going back to read you in detail. See you around 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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