With trembling hands and a jittery mind…Day 1

is set rolling.

Yes. Day 1 of the NaBloPoMo.

Yes yes, the very dangerous game where you are to blog daily for one whole month! Oh the very term gives me shivers, to be honest. I have never had a very favourable equation with the game, you know. Much as the prospect of expressing yourself, scribbling your flowing thoughts down sounds attractive and incredibly exciting, the counter-prospect of what if your thoughts get clogged enough never to make it to your blog is terribly nerve-racking too. And going by track record with challenges like this, and how erratic my blogging has been in general, the latter prospect seems more likely to happen. Add to that a busy month with your family visiting, an exciting stint at volunteering waiting to unfold, not to forget, sitting and chomping your kid’s head off with your non-stop bickering!

Yet here I am, back testing the waters again. Why, you may ask. Well, for one if you have friends like Swaram, with her infectious energy to get everyone kicked up, even kicking everyone in the process to join in, you are bound to get pulled in. Also if you have friends like Sags, who’s holding you at gunpoint from the other end of the phone all the way from India or wherever she is gallivanting about and persuading you with her emotional dialogues, to join in you, don’t have much choice left, do you? Now you don’t want your Diwali to end with a shot bursting through your telephone and hitting your head, right 😉

So when you see them so charged up, in no time, you are taken back to those good old days when blogging was a norm in your life. Just like any other routine. Where there was always a hunger to share. To let your words speak for yourself.

This time around too the hope is to do just that. To resurrect my blog, to give it a steady flow. So..here goes my first post. And what better day than today. The day when Kerala was born. The soil where this Delhi mallu girl’s roots lie.

Happy Kerala Piravi Dinam to all my fellow Malayalis out there!

And a Happy Diwali to all, belated though. Hope you all had a sparkling start to the year 🙂

Rambling #14- decoding the F-word, the dilemma of it all

This again is more like an introspective post like many of my other posts where I seek an answer to my confusing thoughts as a parent. Now before I begin I must mention that I am one of those parents who believe in being honest and truthful to their kids, especially when it concerns their growing curiosities. I don’t like covering my child’s curiosity or doubts howsoever uncomfortable they may be with a garb of lies. I’d rather explain things to her in as appropriate for her age as possible than cook up some stories which may stub her curiosity for the moment but later on  confuse her even more if and when she comes across a finding far closer to the truth.

She and I have had chats about breasts, about giving birth and such in the past. And yet, recently when she wanted to know what the F word stood for, I found myself evading the question. I dont know if evading would be the apt term. Rejecting would be more like it I guess. I refused to tell her what it stood for and also told her in clear terms that she was not to utter the word ever to anybody. She was quick to reply though, “How will I utter the word when I don’t even know what it stands for, Amma?”

I personally am dead against mouthing cuss words. Probably because of which I panicked when I realized that my daughter was getting exposed to them and I couldn’t possibly have any control over it. Having said that, I must admit though that I did enjoy the AIB roast. But that’s besides the point 😛

Anyway, it got me mulling over and a bit critical about my own method of tackling the situation. I have been wondering whether it would be better that I deciphered it for her and explained what it meant, than letting her learn about it from elsewhere. I did ask her whether her friends from whom she got to know about ‘the word’ knew it themselves to which she said that even they were as clueless as her. To make me ponder further, the other day she came up to me asking whether raising the middle finger meant ‘that F-word’. I blurted a quick yes and left it at that. 

And now I am seriously pushed to think whether I should just decode the word to her. Should I or shouldn’t I? Frankly speaking I cannot afford to have her thinking that she cannot come to me whenever her curious mind seeks answers. But at the same time I’m not sure whether she is at the right age to know the answer yet..

february ramblings

July photo a day challenge- unable to continue further

I’m afraid I’m going to have to discontinue participating in this challenge.

While I knew it was foolishness to take it up in the midst of far more humongous tasks of moving houses, settling down in a new country, not to mention an impending trip to Delhi, I had fleetingly hoped that I would be able to pull it off still. Alas, that was not to be so!

Anyway, as the saying goes, better luck next time.

Hope to be back as soon as I have some semblance of order back in my life 🙂

Happy reading. Happy blogging!

New city, new blog- A new abode, virtual and real :)

Welcome here!

Hello from the United Arab Emirates!

Yes, Deeps family has shifted base. And UAE is going to be our new abode. Dubai to be precise. A city which may not be entirely unknown, which we have visited plenty of times. As visitors. And yet here we are, learning to find our footing as its residents with a lot of excitement and some jitters of the unknown.

Why, a new blog, you may wonder. Well, just for fun! 🙂 I thought that branching out to a new blog may relate well with the sentiments behind moving base to a new country. So it would be fun to chronicle the experiences, the anxieties, the moments that I may go through as a new resident who’s trying to fit in and make a space for my family and self.

The excitement that goes with shifting bases wouldn’t be entirely different from the thrill that a new blog would bring, would it?

From new friends that are waiting to be made to new blogs waiting to be found to new roads and routes waiting to be explored to new posts that are waiting to be read to new rules and regulations as an expat that are waiting to be adhered to, to new challenges that are waiting to taken up, the journey of learning to get around a new city is oh-so-similar to learning to get around the blogworld with your new blog, isn’t it?

My primary blog took shape while I was moving from Oman to Qatar and it grew on to become a virtual extension of me for the next 6 years. Now I’m hoping that this blog too would help me grow, find myself, perceive the things happening in and around me and accept my new domain with open arms, in the same way.

I have not clipped my other blog, the primary wing to my thoughts. I can never do that. I am just adding a new wing so my flight can be even more liberating, gratifying and fulfilling.

So here’s hoping that I am able to embrace my new space just as the space accepts me and my family into its welcoming fold 🙂

Here’s to new beginnings, new hopes, a newer chapter..