The difference between a mother & a daughter

Mother: Molu**, are you free da? Shall we Skype?

Daughter: Nope Ma. Am at the parlour. And then I have to run a few errands. Busy day, Ma. Let me reach home OK!

No further questions asked. The whole day swishes by and the mother’s hope to see her daughter is left hanging in the air.

Next day…

Daughter: AMMA! (Yes, all caps to denote that she is shouting out on what’s app)

You there?

Be quick!!

Where are you?


Barrage of shout outs. But no response. The mother isn’t online yet.

The daughter places a frantic call.

The father picks up. Obviously unaware of the dire situation the daughter is in, he sets out on his own track

I know I know, mol! I know why you called. I am watching too. Federer is playing, right!!

Oh, Acha! I’ll catch the match later, ok. I didn’t call for that though. Where’s AMMA!  Can you pass the phone to her please?

No questions asked. The father passes the phone to the mother.

AMMA, don’t you have your phone with you?

No, da, I have been terribly busy. Haven’t had the time to even breathe!!

Well, I need your help! I need the recipe for Semiya Upma, right NOW!

That’s it? Is that why you are sounding so frantic?

YES! My pan is burning, Ma! Be quick.

OK OK. Will what’s app you the recipe right away.

No further questions asked. So what if the mother was busy. If the daughter summons, she had better be there for her! ;P


** Molu/Mol is an endearing way of addressing one’s daughter, in Malayalam

Confession of a chocoholic mom!

So you are a good mom if you have successfully beaten the temptation to polish off a huge chunk of a dark chocolate cake and saved it up for your daughter instead!

Courtesy: Google Images
Courtesy: Google Images


But you are a mean mom if your daughter offers you the cake and you pounce on it without even asking her if she has truly had her fill!

A Phunny Story..

From me too.

After reading Shail’s hilarious post, I am reminded of an incident which easily makes for one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

The year was way back in 1994, my first year in college. The college was fairly new to me, so I was still learning the ropes of getting around the building. I was already late for my class, so I rushed up to the second floor, only to realize that the classroom was in the first floor.

Now I have a strange reputation of being someone who is always in a hurry! In school, I used to be teased for the manner in which I used to walk so fast! A bunch of us would be strolling and yapping away in our recess and I would be ten steps ahead of them already missing out on the juiciest bits of gossip! And this trait has remained with me till now. One of my friends, the other day, had remarked how I ate so fast that she wondered if I chewed my food at all or simply gulped it down!

Anyway, coming back to my college, I was on the brink of missing my class. I scurried down the stairs hoping I would make it to the class smooth! But those stairs had other plans for me! They didn’t want me to run down smooth. Instead they made me skip a step and I went slipping down to the floor, flat on my arse!


There were some girls sitting in the next leg of stairs. Before they could realize if I needed any help, I was up, with cheeks red as a cherry with embarrassment. Now when you’re embarrassed to the point of feeling utterly stupid, your brain stops functioning! Just like the way my brain did. Which is why, instead of just walking away, I ended up saying ‘Thank you’ to those girls!

Needless to say the girls were wonderstruck! “Has she gone crazy? Why is she thanking us?” The clueless look on their faces seemed to ask. Well, I had no clue why I had thanked them either. And before they could come up to me to clarify if falling flat on my bum had an adverse impact on my head, I scooted from there.

So now you know what to expect when you see me walk or run down the stairs and skip a step or two. Yup…you can totally expect me to make a fool of myself!

BTW, I may just choose to say ‘Sorry’ in my next fall, so be ready, ok. Or wait..I like the sound of babloogosh. Right, ‘Babloogosh’ it shall be then! :mrgreen:

Every once in a while…

I dream about you.

Sometimes in the day.

Sometimes night.

Sometimes with my eyes open.

You fill my heart with happiness.

I look out for you everywhere.

Where are you, oh dear!

You know how much you mean to me.

I don’t care what colour, shape you are.

I love you in any form!

There. I said it.

You’ve wanted me to say this,

Every once in a while.

And I promise I will.

Now come out you, tease!

‘Bar’ yourself!

Don’t worry, I won’t share you with anyone

Except of course Namnam.

Hey! I see a tiny flake of you

Far end in my fridge.

Be mine, eternally mine, oh delicious one!

Image courtesy Google Images
Image courtesy Google Images

😛 😛

***This post is in response to the Write Tribe prompt

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