Has it happened to you…

~ That you lay your hands on a book you had been waiting to pick up, start reading it rightaway…few pages through, you get bored and leave the book as it is, unfinished? And one fine day, after many months, an intense craving to read grows inside you and you pull out the same book from your shelf, to read. This time, but, you are hooked?

~ That you walk past your neighbour’s house and find her garden so fully bloomed with flowers and greenery that you feel this terrible urge to run to the nursery to get some plants for your own garden?

~ That a singer, a practical stranger to you, touches you with her outstanding singing, virtually transporting you to a different world in such a way that tears start rolling down your eyes?

~ That you set out to the kitchen to get a spoon, on the way find a newspaper lying on the floor, pick it up, keep it on the table in its designated place, check your mobile to know what’s trending on FB, reach the kitchen and BAM you forget what you had come there for? Was it moon? Oh yeah, spoon! Argh!

~ That you drive through a busy rumble of traffic and all of a sudden this moron just cuts in from your side to go ahead and you let out an exasperated, ‘What the hell!’…just then your daughter springs up from the back seat to ask you admonishingly, ‘Did you just say “what the hell”, Amma?’ :-/

~ That you talk about your ‘Man Friday’ going on a cleaning spree around every nook and corner of the house and your brother thinks you’re referring to your husband, when you actually meant your domestic help? πŸ˜›

~ That you step of the house to go to the doc and half way through you realize that you have forgotten to carry your purse?? 😯

~ That you come face to face with a person whom you have met a couple of times, even interacted with once or twice, and who has done no harm to you whatsoever, yet, each time you see the person you sense a strong negative vibe?

~ That, while waiting at the traffic signal, you get so engrossed in ‘What’s App’-ing that you dont realize that the signal has turned green and all the vehicles in front of you have gone? And when you do look up, you see this big empty gap between your car and the stretch-end making you dawn on the fact that you have actually missed a whole cycle of the signal from red to green, all the while tapping into your phone and you’re now stuck back at red?!

****You say a meekly thanks to God for not sending any vehicles behind you to curse and swear honk at you furiously, keep your phone aside and slowly move on, fixing your eyes intently on the signal waiting to go green.****

Cinnamon Rolls anyone? :)

This has been in my must-bake list for a long long time…ever since I happened to taste it first at one of the Cinnabon joints here some 5-6 years back. I had fallen in love with not just the taste but also the refreshing aroma of cinnamon. Till then all I associated cinnamon with was chicken curries or biriyani. Never realized it could be a baking ingredient too. And what a delectable ingredient at that!

Anyway, blame it partly on my laziness and partly my fear of goofing it up, I never got around to trying it out all this while. Until today that is. So here we go. Cinnamon rolls for you πŸ™‚



Edited to add: In case anyone wants to know how I made it, I picked the recipe from Videojug. Here’s a link to the video with a step-by-step method which I personally found very easy to follow.



Onasadya, movie, summer break, et al.

So how was Onam for you all? Hope it was as yummyful as mine was. Yes I prepared a mini-sadya like I had mentioned in my earlier post, albeit with some able help from Amma whom I kept texting at frequent intervals for recipe-guidance :). Even though it was not an elaborate spread as I would have loved to have, yet I had a sense of huge achievemnt when I laid them on the table. You see, one must consider my hatred for cooking and anything remotely close to the chore to understand this sense of accomplishment :D.

And this sense was magnified when R perched on top of the table to click a photograph πŸ˜€ Here’s the proof …

Onasadya @ Deeps'

I have to say though, that Namnam, the fussy-eater that she is, had to be told that Maveli would come home and have sadya with us only on the condition that she would eat all that was prepared. Upon hearing this she, very excitedly, looked around only to enquire about his obvious absence. Now, being such a happy occasion, the last thing we wanted was for her to feel dejected. So I told her that now since he was blessed, he was just like God who could see her and reside in her heart. The things a mother has to say to get her daughter to eat :). Anyway, needless to say she was convinced and agreed to eat without much fuss. And just one look at the relished-faces of the father & daughter was enough for me to take it as a stamp of approval for my effort :).

After a good sadya followed by an afternoon siesta, it was time to venture out. Since it was a weekend, we had good one day and a half and enough energy to make some constructive use of it. But the blockhead that I was, I suggested we go for a movie instead! And which one ,you may ask! It was Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Yeah yeah, hoot all you want :(. How was I to know that it was one of the most pathetic movies to come out in the recent past? The reason why I suggested the film was because I thought we’d get to see some interesting acting. Noooo, nooo, not Imran Khan’s! C’mon I’m not so stupid that I’d expect him to act, of all the people! In fact I was more interested in watching Ali Zafar who I had really liked in Tere Bin Laden. And it had some peppy songs which Namnam loved, so it was not a task to convince her to come along. But half hour into the movie and we realized the true worth of it or worthlessness of it, rather.

All it had to offer was Katrina Kaif, who seemed to have used up all her acting skills on shrieking, shrieking and more shrieking! I’m sure she will give a stiff competition to Anu Malik, really. Ok now I completely respect her decision to dub in her own voice, but could she, please, not mouth dialogues of timeless classics in her ‘brit’ accent and make a hash of them?? Some classics are just meant to be what they are- classics! Just let them be. Filmmakers, are you listening?? And Imran Khan, well…he seemed to have tried to make up for his lack of acting skills by relying heavily on his eyebrows! Needless to mention, they failed miserably. Which hardly left Ali Zafar any space on screen. Or so I thought. Lets not even get into the plot or cinematography or music as there’s nothing worth mentioning.

So as it turned out, barely an hour or so into the movie, we were out of the hall and on our way back! Phew!

The next day passed by faster than I had thought as it was the last day of Namnam’s summer hols and we got busy packing the school bag, ironing the uniform, brushing her shoes, and of course stocking up the fridge with nuggets, and butter and jam and juice and other tidbits for the whole week.

So thats it from this end of the world. The summer break is officially over. Barring Federer’s loss in the US Open, the season has started on a promising note with some lovely weather in sight. I’m hoping it gets better and lasts for the rest of the year.

With that let me sign out out my blog page and start hopping by yours πŸ™‚