My Sins Against Gender Stereotypes

A very interesting tag is spreading like wild fire in the blogosphere, thanks to IHM. She is one amazing lady, isnt she? On one side, she brings out about 4-5 heavy-duty posts and shakes our conscience and then out of the blue she comes out with a hilarious tag like this and tickles our funny bones :D.

Anyway, without much delay, let me pick this tag, from IHM & Ritu, wherein you’re to list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to. So here I proudly list down my ‘sins’ ;).

Climbed trees.

Played cricket.

Love to drive. Speed just thrills me!

Can change fused bulbs and replace gas cylinders.

Hate cooking.

Don’t have much fascination for jewellery.

Oh yes I prefer reading anytime of the day to stitching,tailoring, crafting.

Travelled alone many many times across cities and countries.

Can whistle and can even wink 😉

Love to wear jeans and trousers which are otherwise considered ‘not lady-like’ or ‘manly’.

Oh and yes, IHM has even warned me that if I dont tag 12 blogger friends I’ll be cursed to wear blue pants for the next 12 years. While I’d gladly accept the curse as I love the colour blue, this was too tempting a tag to skip. I’d also like to see who all, among my friends have ‘sinned’ like me. So I tag

Pallavi, Swaram, Nancy, Amrita, Neha, Goofy Mumma, Sashu, Vandana, Rakesh, Masood, Karate Brat, Kanagu.

C’mon people if you really value your pink & blues, get going with this tag 😀

EDITED TO ADD: I tag Sakshi too. Saksh, I didnt want to disturb you on your vacation, hence didnt tag you. Now that you're back, better get going with it else risk a life-long supply of blue pants and lungis 😀