Politics never looked so promising..

is what I said to Smitha after reading her post. And I mean it!

The way the recently held elections culminated in Delhi with Aam Aadmi Party emerging with a never-before-found sincerity and accountability tells me that we are in for some exciting times ahead. Finally here’s a party that truly gives the common man the say of the matter! Here’s someone who truly understands the pulse of the common man as he is one too, and works towards a single minded goal of wiping clean the corruption that has crippled the country.

As I was telling some friends while having a discussion on this topic, I had never really cared about politics in my life up until now, probably because, I was disillusioned by the way our politicians had been exploiting our country for their own selfish gains, failing us each time with their false promises. But with Arvind Kejriwal and his team of members coming to the fore, making all the right noises, saying things that I have always wanted to hear, finally getting around to doing things that mattered, I am beginning to feel a lot more hopeful than ever before of my country’s future. It heartens me to see so many of us sit up, and take genuine interest in the politics if our country.

When Arvind Kejriwal says, while taking the oath as the Chief Minister, that it is not just him but all the people of Delhi who are taking that oath with him, he makes every common man and woman feel responsible for the functioning of the country, in my opinion and belief. And THAT makes me feel empowered. Can you remember a politician or a party give the common man/woman such empowering say before? I cant! Yes we have had leaders act as our representatives and ‘promise’ to address our concerns, only to end up addressing their own gains. But no leader has made me believe as though he/she is serving the people or country. The perception, at least in my eyes, has always been of the elected representatives on a pedestal while the common people snubbed low on to the ground! And now here’s a party who turns the table! Here’s someone who finally puts the common man’s basic concerns over his. Here’s a party who assures that the power to keep the country functioning lies on the common man and woman just as much!

Now I don’t want to comment on how successful they are at the helm in Delhi for the simple reason that it’s too early to gauge yet. Although, to me they seem to me making all the right moves till now. And what I also want to believe is that AAP’s honest, upfront attitude is succeeding, to some extent, in making other parties tread their path. The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, has cut down on her security, another leader has urged the CM of Maharashtra to slash the power tariffs, to cite a few examples. Not to mention the Vice-President of the ruling party talking about adopting an intolerant policy towards corruption! Much as I’d like to laugh at this remark since its his very party that has been siphoning off the tax payers’ money and taking us all for a ride, the very fact that they seem to be getting influenced by AAP’s line of thought is a welcome sign.

Whether they have the credentials to make it big at the coming general elections is for time to tell. So all those of you, dismissing them…please wait before you write them off entirely! Give them a chance and give yourself a chance to feel positive about. For now though, the party’s intentions seem to be in the right place. I hope they continue to stay driven and focused about their policies! I hope they don’t get swayed by the dirty conniving games of politics.

Politics which never really helped the people in general, has come to mean all about people! Thanks to AAP, the focus is back on us, the common people. So let’s celebrate that, let’s ride along this wave and help ourselves!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a new beginning, a new wave of hope!