Sunday 22- Composition

Frankly I didn’t really understand what this theme meant. The very first thing that I associated the term with was music. I thought the theme required me to share a picture of some kind of music composition in process or some such thing. Then I happened to read a post by Fat Mum Slim where she had explained the theme in detail and I understood that the topic had nothing to do with composing music whatsoever! Yup, I can be dumb too sometimes!

However, I have read the post a couple of times and more, browsed through some of the pics that other participants have shared, yet I’m none the wiser. So I’m just going to post a pic based on whatever little idea I have got from reading up on it. From what I understand the picture to be shared has to have a particular object in focus. In my case here, the white flower..


This is the last picture-post from me in response to this week’s Photo a Day Challenge 2015.


On another note, what would you call two fat people having a chat?

Well, the answer doing rounds of What’s App where this forward is passing on is- A heavy discussion.

But, the answer that the quick-witted child of the house had up her sleeve was- Parents!


Tuesday 17- Triangle

When I saw this prompt at first, I thought it would be a piece of cake! Now how difficult is it to spot a triangle shape in your daily life and click a picture, eh? But the whole day whizzed by and yet I couldn’t pin one single triangle that I would want to click and put it up here. Yes I did drive past buildings which had triangular shaped roofs which could have gone well with the theme, but they were either too far or too blurry when I clicked them from my phone. I even spotted a napkin, set like a triangle on one of the tables in a restaurant today, but that also didn’t qualify to be blog-worthy.

Then I remembered some pictures I had on my phone from a summer trip to Thailand this year. A lot of those pics were of temples and pagodas and palaces that the country is known for. I reckon being awe-struck by their intricate designs and architecture when I had visited the country 7 years ago. This time around too, I was just as amazed. Most of the structures largely had triangular shaped roofs.

And I found a pic that would be just right for today’s theme as I skimmed through my phone’s camera roll. It was taken when we went visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok..


Posted in response to a Photo a Day Challenge by Fat Mum Slim